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Profile BMX Classic Race and NoBoss Crank Kit Cranks

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Profile BMX Classic Race and NoBoss Crank Kit Cranks product_319

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    well i've been riding these for a little bit over a year now. got these from Albe's for 199 with all the fixins( ti spindle, cone spacers, and bitchin bolts)
    and if i ever break these, ill definately wont be hesitating to buy another set of profiles
    out of all the cranks i've tried over the years these have to be the best bang for your buck and best overall


    These cranks are the best. Had them on my first real bike, DK Legend. All chrome with chrome cranks and red DX brakes, man Im so mad I sold that bike. Well anyways, the cranks are great I havent rode anything else except for a pair of WTP( what a heavy mistake) and a set of mini arms ( too light and flexy). Nothing beats the OG profile race cranks. Definitely a smart buy for any all around rider.


    I have rode my 3 pairs of Profiles on my street bike for about a year and a half, 20" race bike for 3 or 4 years, and 24" race for 3 years (and they were previously used for 5 years!!!). They are very tough cranks just for any type of riding. Profile always makes the some of the best stuff on the market. I say keep up the good work and keep makin some awesome stuff!


    I've been riding profile cranks for close to 7 years. I think i bought my first set when i was in 8th grade, and rode them up until they bent inwards 5 years later. I bought left hand drive arms and a ti spindle after that and have not had too many problems, other than where you tighten them, the metal on the cranks bent inwards so i can't loosen the bolt. But other than that they're tough cranks and have lived up to their legendary name.


    Crank Arm Construction CNC machined parts and fabricated at our St. Petersburg, FL factory - USA
    Crank Arm Materials Fabricated with 4140 aircraft alloy.
    Crank Arm Lengths 145, 160, 165, 170, 175, 177, 180, 182, 185 & 190mm
    Drive Side LHD/RHD/ or No Boss (for spline drive 19mm sprockets)
    Spindle GDH* Chromemoly Steel *Gun Drilled Hollow (Titanium upgrade available)
    Colors Not al sizes: Chrome, Black, Clear/Raw, White, Gold Metal Flake, Red, Sparkle Gold, Sparkle Lime Green, Matte Blue, Matte Aqua & Mint Green. Plus, limited edition colors.

    1 lb 12.8 oz (815 g)

    Price $167.95
    More Info The Profile Racing Chrome Moly Race Crank Kit is everything you need to run Profile cranks except the bottom bracket (bearings, tube spacer and cone spacers).***Limited Lifetime warranty on crank arms and spindle to original purchaser.Kit includes Crank arms, GDH heat-treated Chrome Moly spindle, crank bolts, sprocket bolt, flush washers, 6mm GDH crank bolts, and the Profile Crank Installation Tool. Titanium upgrade for the sprocket bolt is available. No Boss kit come without a sprocket bolt.
    Comes with Gun Drilled Hollow CrMo Spindle. American, Mid, and Spanish BB frames should use 5 5/8" spindles. Euro BB for MTB should use 6". Fixed Gear bikes should use 5 1/4" spindle with the Internal English (Euro) BB.