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Profile BMX SS Cranks (discontinued)

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Profile BMX SS Cranks  BMX SS Cranks

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    “Cam4329 BB size”

    The Good: All you have to do is remove the bearing from the cup... Then that bearing will press into you're frame.. These cranks are badass... The only reason they prolly stopped making these crank were these kids in girl jeans... But can you expect a girl to lift something heavy lol bottom line they are over kill and you pretty much can't kill em... Awesome cranks just like the wethepeople oversized... And to home boy who thinks power bites are stronger ... Come on man get real lol

    The Bad: They don't make 50 pound bikes anymore... And I can't justify rockin them with out A an original hazard rim lol B a Alex triple wall..

    Overall Review: The 90,s were awesome and I'm prolly gonna have to say if I had a sister you could fuck her.. If you were riding these cranks that is

    “pain in the ass”

    The Good: doubt chuck norris could snap these tanks

    The Bad: heavy. 22.1mm spindle = grinding out 22mm bearings/hardware. no LBS will carry the side bolts. Profile site wants 24.99 for a set of flush mounts The side bolts are 7/16 wide 20tpi if you need to know for a bolt shop and yes the side bolts are fatter then your front axle lol

    Overall Review: Overall not worth getting them theres a reason they no longer make these. I bought some on here thinking they where 19mm profiles turned out to be these "things" Wouldn't be so bad if they didnt try to 1up 22mm spindles by .1mm

    “You are all idiots”

    The Good: These are the oldschool.massivw ceanks, are super heavt but will never break

    The Bad: thwse are not gdh like everyone thinks, profile hasnt made these for over 3 years

    Overall Review: if your not aweight whore but want cranks that will last forevrr nuy these I rode mone for 4 years no problems

    “The 1-year test”

    The Good: You all know the name profile has built up over the years. Quality materials/cranks.

    The Bad: I started riding bmx bikes a year ago. I am already trying to deal with Profile's nasty warranty service.

    Overall Review: If you happen to break them, be prepared to buy a new set of cranks (I chose to go with something else, and it has treated me well so far). I have dealt with several warranties before, and by far this is the most difficult. I still don't know when/if I will get my cranks back, and its been 3 months since I snapped them.

    “best cranks ever”

    The Good: the best cranks ever, made by profile, never gonna break. need i say more? and if they ever do bend or break(they wont) there warrentied!

    The Bad: absolutly nothing

    Overall Review: anybody looking for the best cranks ever, get these. you will not be dissapointed

    “Never gonna break.....”

    The Good: good thing is these cranks are not only super strong they are super light. fir shiv forks and these are still lighter! that ti spindle changes everything.

    The Bad: they are really expensive.

    Overall Review: Amazing. never get any others if u got a high price range


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