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Redline Flight Cranks Cranks (discontinued)

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Redline Flight Cranks Cranks Flight Cranks

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    “The standard in 3 piece cranks.”

    The Good: They're Flight Cranks. Price is unbeatable.

    The Bad: None. Like I said, they're Flight Cranks.

    Overall Review: I've run several sets of these since the 1980s. They're unbeatable. Without these and Profiles we wouldn't have the cranks we have today.

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    “Come Original, You Gotta Come Original”

    The Good: Great price(I paid $110 with a sealed BB.

    The Bad: They seem heavier than the single pinchers I had back in the day(which cost $140+$65 for the sealed BB.

    Overall Review: How can anybody disrespect the guys that invented the species(tubular chromoly cranks), tubular chromoly forks, the triangle downtube gusset that everybody copied?...Why can't anybody SPELL?...It's ENGLISH, LEARN IT!

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    “Great cranks, very affordable”

    The Good: So far, I like the dual pinch bolt design, the boxy designed crank arms sure works nice. I also like it they come in two standard sizes 175mm and 180mm on chrome or black plus it was less than 90.00 on my local bike shop.

    The Bad: Bad. I haven't had them long enough to find out just yet.

    Overall Review: I always wanted these cranks and am very happy with them so far. i love the price the most. I say great alternatives to profiles which I had at least three different sizes of them in the past.

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    ive had theese cranks for 2 years with no problems and there strong because im a heavy park and street rider i reccomend these and they look really nice with crhome front and back wheel....and if you go on danscomp theyre like 89.99 without bb

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