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Redline Monster Cranks Cranks (discontinued)

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Redline Monster Cranks Cranks Monster Cranks

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    “they are ok”

    The Good: strong and good color

    The Bad: pitch bolt. 8 spindle. heavy wish they came in white

    Overall Review: i have had the cranks for about 6 months now. i like to hop big gaps and they have been holding up. i just wish they were lighter and not 8 spline


    i have this crank, its really strong but yeah, its weighs more than the frame! its good but im lookin to sell it, my bolts dont get loose and the bearings are good but i want something lighter, its a good crank besides the weight


    I bought these cranks mabe 7 months ago and they have been purdy great. The bolts come loose until you put a torque wrench on em and purdy much tighten em till they're bout to shear. About after 5 months I pretty much snapped my right crank arm off the weld were the spindle slides in but redline was cool and sent me another arm for free and havn't had a problem with them since. Sealed bearings make a real smooth ride and There real cheap, only about 70 bucks so for the price you can't beat it.


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