SNAFU Mayweather Cranks (discontinued)

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SNAFU Mayweather Cranks mayweather grn
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    The Good:

    They are very ,very light and clean looking, nice colour and heat treated.

    The Bad:

    No crank puller

    Overall Review:

    Bought these to replace some ruption ones because ChainReaction Cycles was having a clearance sale, bought the green ones as they were cheapest and they sent some really nice teal ones? Notcomplaining, people keep saying they want to buy my bike

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    Vital BMX member James_Lee
    86457 James_Lee,86457/all 10/27/11 23,86457/setup 1 5

    “dont knoww”

    The Good:

    just bought these. waiting for them to come. hope its worth it..

    The Bad:

    didn't come with a crank puller.

    Overall Review:

    reviews look promising..

    “Awesome Cranks”

    The Good:

    They look really cool

    The Bad:

    they didn't come with a crank puller so they were really hard to put on i had to make a press

    Overall Review:

    these are awesome cranksi like them better than my profiles but i did take the ti spindle off my profiles and put it on these so there really light

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    Vital BMX member Shtanre
    38880 Shtanre,38880/all 01/18/09 6 19 15 355 4 4 1

    “good stuff”

    The Good:

    solid cranks, groovy colors, lightweight

    The Bad:

    didnt come with a crank puller

    Overall Review:

    looks good, paint doesnt wear away

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    Vital BMX member fig
    66321 fig /images/default/avatar/c50.png,66321/all 08/06/10 1 4 1 6

    “boss ass cranks”

    The Good:

    super light, sweet colors, thin profile which is gnar

    The Bad:

    they like to squeak for some reason. gets annoying but if you run them for about an hour it goes away.

    Overall Review:

    get them, they are super duper good

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    Vital BMX member asshole123
    55717 asshole123,55717/all 12/27/09 2 37 341 7 1

    “really nice cranks”

    The Good:

    these cranks are really smooth and had no problems and feel great

    The Bad:

    they sqeek when hit on a ledge. they look like toothpicks.

    Overall Review:

    i like these cranks. there just as good as profiles and i say that because i have snafus and profle l.e's and they bothb run as good as each other. BASICALLY snafus are cheaper profiles

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    Vital BMX member nabial
    56816 nabial,56816/all 01/21/10 27 103 2


    Crank Arm Construction 1.4mm wall straight-gauge 4130 chromoly arms with concentric taper
    Crank Arm Materials 4130 chromoly
    Crank Arm Lengths 170, 175 and 180mm
    Drive Side RHD and LHD
    Spindle 19mm Hollow heat-treated 4130 chromoly 48-spline spindle
    Colors Black, White, Flat Purple and Bright Green

    1 lb 13 oz (822 g)

    Price N/A
    More Info SNAFU website

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