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Stolen MOB Cranks

Average User Rating: (Very Good)
Stolen MOB Cranks 2010STLNmobcrankblue
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    “decent cranks for the price”

    The Good: Cheap and pretty strong

    The Bad: Spindle bolt does come loose after riding a lot

    Overall Review:

    I've had them for about 6 months, only got them cause I was on a budget at the time. I ride everyday pretty hard I'm 230pounds and the only problem I've had is the spindle bolt coming loose id recommend these for the low budget buyer I'm looking into getting the snafu mayweather cranks shortly just because I can afford to buy them now overall strong chromoly and and spindle make sure you check the spindle bolt every couple weeks

    “Good Budget Cranks”

    The Good: Good choice for budget cranks next to Mission Transits. The flush spindle bolts make it look better and even tighten better. I'd say these cranks are just the same quality as my Poverty Carmi cranks but definitely lighter.

    The Bad: Some sets of bolts suck and strip out easily but who doesn't have that problem?

    Overall Review:

    Just good budget cranks if you're looking for basic 8-spline.

    “Basic 3 piece cranks”

    The Good: Affordable, strong

    The Bad: Bulky pinch bolt design

    Overall Review:

    These arms came on a complete bike. Ran them for a long time. These are sdome fairly solid cranks. The people leaving bad reviews because they cant install them properly.. well that situation explains itself. Everything on your bike should be tightened. Failure to maintain your bike does not mean the part on it are bad! I cannot recommend this arm however, simpley because the pinch bolt area is huge and will cause most riders pain at some point through a session. This isnt uncommon with 8 spline crank arms,but since Stolen release there SIC arms which I am now running, for 15 bucks more you can have Profile style arms on your 8 spline spindles.  Not that emulating Profile is a good thing, I broke my only set of Profile cranks and would never drop that kind of dough to do it again.

    “Cheap, and good for beginers”

    The Good: Its good enough for its price

    The Bad: Low price equals low quality

    Overall Review:

    Breaks easily if you try more hard tricks.. Not recomended for 180s or 360s etc... They won't last long. But its a good way for beginers to get a nice 3piece crank with less money.

    “I don't really recomend”

    The Good: Stiff, and cool colors

    The Bad: I bent these after 8 months. Not too bad but if you want some cranks that will LAST, don't get these. When i had these I was barely able to 180. That's sad.

    Overall Review: Don't get thses if you want long lasting cranks. these would be emergency replacement cranks if you ask me. I hate how the bolts are so sharp and whatnot

    “not too bad if you don't consider the bolts”

    The Good: it is cheap

    The Bad: I broke the sprocket bolt after 6 months of regular use, its squeaky, the crank bolts get loose and the arm falls off but that's maybe because I didn't tighten it enough

    Overall Review: I am kinda disappointed because it came on my stolen score and its the only source of problems on the whole bike but I don't know if its the sprocket bolt that's fucked up or if its that's pedaling applies too much torque on the bolt but I replaced the bolt by a regular bolt you can find anywhere and it broke after a couple of weeks so if you're ok with getting the boken bolt stuck in the arm out and replacing it every 2 weeks then it might be ok for you but if you have enough money, just buy something stronger cause this will probably break

    “worst cranks ever”

    The Good: they are cheap

    The Bad: the chainwheel pin broke within a week or two. i snapped one doing a flat 3 and the other bend.

    Overall Review: the worst set of cranks i have ever had. i got them from a friend for free and i can see why now. dont get them.


    Crank Arm Construction
    Crank Arm Materials 4130 tubular Chromoly
    Crank Arm Lengths 175mm
    Drive Side RHD
    Spindle 19mm, 8 spline, heat treated Chromoly
    Colors ED Black, Matte Electric Blue, Matte Electric Red, Matte White


    Price N/A
    More Info Stolen website