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Stolen S.I.C. Cranks

Average User Rating: (Good)
Stolen S.I.C. Cranks sic-red
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“they're alright”

The Good: They look cool because they don't have a pinch bolt, and they're cheap.

The Bad: The paint is just a flat color, but who really cares about that.

Overall Review:

good price, look neat, but theyre just like any other stock 8 spline crank, they just look fancy, average weight, but defenantly worth the money.

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“Not good at all”

The Good: They were good the first month

The Bad: They cracked from a 360 down a 4 stair after 5 monthes of having them

Overall Review:

These cranks were good wen I first got them. A month later they started creaking. Then they always got loose. Then I cracked right by the pinch bolt on these from 360 down a 4 stair. So just spend the extra money and get good cranks. U will regret buyin these

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“Good! I like them”

The Good: Feel strong, good colors

The Bad: Came loose

Overall Review:

I got the 2013 stolen sinner and it has these cranks. i have had the bike for three days, they feel like they could be stronger ans the bolts came loose but i think its cuz they are new.. but overall they feel good and i like them.

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“Good cranks”

The Good: ergonomic, affordable

The Bad: Spindle not drilled

Overall Review:

I got these cranks to replace my beefy MOB cranks. I have fat calves and always preferred the 48 spline style arms. When these came out, I had to check em out. Great build quality, great feel. easy to install. All they need now is to withstand the test of time, which I'm sure they will. Great value. I noted 'spindles not hollow' because theres no reason not to drille all the way thru except production savings. For 75 bucks you cant go wrong tho!

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Crank Arm Construction Internal clamp design for smooth crank boss
Crank Arm Materials 4130 Tubular Chromoly
Crank Arm Lengths 175mm
Drive Side RHD
Spindle 19mm, 8 spline, heat treated Chromoly
Colors ED Black, Blue, Red, or Matte White

2 lb 2.6 oz (981 g)

Price N/A
More Info Stolen website