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Stolen Team 2.5 Cranks

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    “Stolen Team 2.5 Cranks”

    The Good: They are very light, strong, come in a great variety of colors, pedal smoothly, and they are very durable with a lifetime warrantee.

    The Bad: The only problem i had was that after i had ridden them for a few months i tried to take them off and could not do so easily. i ended up denting the inside of one are terribly and needing a puller too to get them off. Probably my fault for not putting on anti-seize or grease.

    Overall Review:

    These have been great cranks. Been riding them for about a year and a half and love them.

    “Great cranks!”

    The Good: Hollow spindle, 8mm/5mm spindle bolt, LHD/RHD compatible + nano drive.

    The Bad: Pretty much nothing.

    Overall Review:

    These are pretty good cranks for the price. Solid and all. Colorway is nice as well. They definitely held up to my expectations.

    “You cant run spline drive sprocket on right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

    The Good: good cranks , but now I have to buy new sprocket. dont put in your desciption that your cranks are 19mm 48spline if the side that 90% of people use is not!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The Bad: stupid. put 19mm 48 spline next to right arm then all sprockets would work!! pretty easy

    Overall Review: bought for a alternative to Profile, now I'll go back to them.

    “pretty freakin amazing”

    The Good: just got a pair for free, they look like they've been through a crap load. im surprised they still are strong

    The Bad: probably the weight, but not everyone is a weight freak. and the paint sucks on it

    Overall Review: pretty solid, looks kewl, holds me up and im 270 pounds ill do a pressure test and put it on youtube sometime soon. my name is mrnanas on youtube too

    “they look amazing”

    The Good: ive read alot of reviews and they sound amazing

    The Bad: i dont haave them yet

    Overall Review: does anyone know anyone whos trying to sell any stolen team cranks ? preferrably orange

    “Nice cranks”

    The Good: Lifetime warranty, strong

    The Bad: not the best colors but that doesn't matter

    Overall Review: best cranks, do there job, lifetime warranty is great.


    Crank Arm Construction
    Crank Arm Materials 4130 Chromoly P2 post-production heat treated arms w/ 1 pc. spindle/sprocket boss for precision sprocket alignment
    Crank Arm Lengths 170mm or 175mm
    Drive Side RHD / LHD & compact drive compatible
    Spindle 19mm, 48 spline, heat treated Chromoly
    Colors Powder coated Black, Gang Green, Neon Orange, White, or Clear / Raw

    1 lb 14.3 oz (859 g)

    Price N/A
    More Info Stolen website