Subrosa Bitchin Cranks

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Subrosa Bitchin Cranks SUB_BitchinCranks_GunMetalGray
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    Straight bitchin

    The Good:

    Strong, light, and bitchin

    The Bad:

    Nothing so far and I've had my 2 years going on 3

    Overall Review:

    I ride mainly street and do pretty big drop subrosa kill it on these worth every penny

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    Vital BMX member Razzo_710
    141485 Razzo_710,141485/all 09/28/16 4,141485/setup 4

    never disappoint

    The Good:

    gooder than fuck cant break em crankslide as hard as you want and never come loose

    The Bad:

    purple got discontinued so sand em and paint em purple

    Overall Review:

    if your still alive buy these cranks and your life will have meaning

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    Vital BMX member Yummyman_Daveychristopherthomasfouche'
    79822 Yummyman_Daveychristopherthomasfouche',79822/all 05/24/11,79822/setup 1 4

    Simply Bitchin

    The Good:

    Awesome feeling, solid, lightweight cranks. Excellent quality chrome finish. No flex and I dont smash my ankles on them! Haha

    The Bad:

    They dont say Bitchin on them. Haha!

    Overall Review:

    Awesome quality, just buy some!

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    Vital BMX member Team who cares
    88389 Team who cares,88389/all 12/15/11 13 16 155 5 1

    'brosa bitchins

    The Good:

    Everything. solid as hell. i was skeptical of buying them at first, but glad i did. no flex or play.

    The Bad:

    the knuckle thingy hits when i do stalls. but i could care less.

    Overall Review:

    BUY them. dont debate, just do it. fo rizzeale

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    Vital BMX member theboss
    67466 theboss,67466/all 08/28/10 1 56 415 26 20 3


    Product Subrosa Bitchin Cranks
    Riding Type Freestyle
    Type 2 Piece
    Crank Arm Construction Low profile, lightweight 2.5pc construction
    Crank Arm Materials Seamless 4130 chromoly with post weld T5 Deathproof heat treatment, T5 Deathproof heat treated 4140 chromoly 19mm / 20mm
    Crank Arm Length
    • 165mm
    • 175mm
    Drive Left or Right
    Spindle 48 spline
    Colors Matte black, Trans Orange, Matte Gun Metal Gray, Chrome, Matte Army Green, Matte Red, Matte Blue, Matte White
    Weight N/A
    Miscellaneous Bottom brackets sold separately
    Price N/A
    More Info

    Subrosa website