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Shadow Conspiracy Torrid Cranks Cranks (discontinued)

Average User Rating: (Very Good)
Shadow Conspiracy Torrid Cranks Cranks s600_92448060_1262029615

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    “Shadow Cranks”

    The Good: They look cool.

    The Bad: Everything.

    Overall Review: these are the worst cranks I have ever used. After only about 4 days of riding them the left pedal boss and my pedal snapped off and on the right side it is cracked all the way around..

    “Shadow v2s.”

    The Good: They dont have any flex.

    The Bad: Snapped first ones and 2nd ones at the pedal boss.

    Overall Review: do not get them they will break in under a year

    “Assembly Required”

    The Good: Come in a variety of colours, very durable, Light weight.

    The Bad: they are powder coated painted so they are an effin' SOB to get on...

    Overall Review: Overall they are a great 3 piece crank set however lets hope you don't break your chain wheel cuz once you put em' on those baby's arent coming off with out damage being done and quite a tiring struggle! VERDICT: probably wouldn't buy them again due to the fact they are so hard to get on and off and would consider shadow's line of newer crank sets (That have pinch bolts)...

    “oh cranks why you such a pain to but”

    The Good: got them never snappep bunny hoped of a 5 foot curb nothing happens

    The Bad: get really dirt pain to put them on and you might need a extra spacer i did and couldnt ride for two weeks

    Overall Review: good strong for younger teens and older but get them built with a bike shop


    These things suck. I (personally) know two people that have broken them both of which weigh under 150lbs!!! As if that doesn't seal the deal, they didn't even come out in any other size besides 175mm. What's up with that? Thirdly, THEY DIDN'T EVEN COME IN THE COOLEST COLOR SHADOW MAKES. I rock all kinds of Electric Lime Shadow parts because it is awesome, but even if this crank had come in Lime and even if tall people could ride 175mm IT WILL BREAK ON YOU IN LESS THAN A MONTH. Don't waste your money on poorly made cranks. If you're not riding a Profile BMX Crank or a DK Social crank then you're asking for problems. TRUST THE REAL DEAL. When it comes to important parts or expensive parts, never trust a company that doesn't stand behind their product to the point of replacing it anytime in your Life like Odyssey and several others do. Sorry Shadow you weren't ready to make cranks yet.


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