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Odyssey One Piece Driver Driver / Freewheel

Average User Rating: (Very Good)
Odyssey One Piece Driver Driver / Freewheel One Piece Driver

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    “Odyssey One Piece Driver”

    The Good: It works, i guess.

    The Bad: Design isn't the best, the chain seems to "dig" in behind the teeth. (standard KMC chain) It only has 3 pawls, more would be better in my opinion.

    Overall Review: It's not exactly worth the money, but whatever keeps you riding.


    A must have for any cassette hub that accepts it. Anytime a part is lighter AND stronger AND is more reliable with less maintenance, there is really is no contest. If you take care of it, one of these can last you for two or three years. There is no reason why any bmx bike should have a two piece driver. Like single wall rims and one piece cranks THEY ARE DONE.


    i just got a 10 tooth and from teh start it ghost pedaled....then i loosened the nut that keeps the driver in and it was fine for a little while and now it ghosts when it wants to....seems like grinding makes it ghost pedal but then doing 3s off stairsets and stuff makes it not anymore....i really dont know what the deal is....


    Unlike most of the reviews on this i have to give it a 5/5. I had this 1pc 11t driver for 2years and it held up fine. No skipping, never had any type of engagement problems. I rode alot of trails and street with it. I had the original 3pawl design too..

    I didn't have a problem till i landed a feeble awkwardly and bent my axle, it cause the 1pc driver bearings to become bent alil but it wasn't even affected much. I sold the driver to a friend who put new bearings in it and works fine.

    I now have a LHD 11t odyssey cassette and has the newer 4 pawl design, i dont think i will run into problems but i'll post on here if i run into any.

    P.S. Use the rubber O ring the cassette comes with, it's designed to keep dirt out dirtynorthbmx..


    these divers are good except for one thing, the bearings inside the driver are crap. i was ridin down at metro a few weekends ago, and i was doin a ice pick grind landed it and i couldn't pedal backwards, the bearing just crumbled up. fix it the next day, i just put in 2 new bearings that i had and it worked just find after that.


    odyssey dropped the ball on this one, ran alright for like 4 months then the berrings were making grinding noises and like 2 weeks later the actual threading ripped out( it wasnt cross threaded) my buddy joe put a new driver on like 30 min later and thats ones still good....
    pretty sure its a ACS fat claws.


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    The original one piece drivers. Available in 10t, 11t, 12t and 13t in both LHD and RHD.

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    Featured colors: black and gray
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