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DK R/T Fork

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DK R/T Fork RT_Forks_2

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    “dk rt forks”

    The Good: their light as hell and pretty strong. i like them alot and they feel great.

    The Bad: cracked my left end cap on the fork but its still perfectly strong lol, and i would not use pegs on these bc thats how i cranked myn

    Overall Review: good fork for light street

    “DK R/T forks”

    The Good: very light

    The Bad: had to tack weld my own starnut in

    Overall Review: pretty good ive had them for a while and i weigh 160 and i havnt bent or broken them yet surprisingly

    “DK R/T's....”

    The Good: Really Light....good for light use.

    The Bad: Easy to bend on really hard landings for people over 120LBS. DOES NOT COME WITH A STAR NUT.

    Overall Review: Own ones my self and I am sick of them....too big of a pain in the ass with the compression bolt crap


    I had a version of these on my DK Legend as well but in chrome when chrome was still pretty cool. They were fine. didnt ride any pegs on that bike at all, so its not really for street use but other than that, they held up fine.


    Steer Tube Construction Heat Treated Chromoly
    Leg Construction Heat Treated Chromoly
    Dropouts 3/8"
    Colors Black, White

    1 lb 11.6 oz (782 g)

    Price $99.99
    More Info DK website