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Fit Blade-Lite Fork (discontinued)

Average User Rating: (Spectacular)
Fit Blade-Lite Fork Blade-Lite

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    “Blade Lite V1's are sick”

    The Good: Strong as hell , had them for 3 years? First light riding and cruising when I was younger and then learning. Survived learning 3's , 180's , trying bars and whips , some grinding not much. They last massive boasted spins to tech tricks.

    The Bad: They made V2's right when I got them ! Pretty sure the V2's are amazziinnggg.

    Overall Review:

    I'll get the next FIT Blade Lite , or any fork made by them. They are amazing. Paint is still mint , dropouts are fine , nothing is wrong. Don't hesitate to get them !

    I promise they'll be great.

    “these are so fucking great”

    The Good: i had the shivs and the snap like butter because they mad slim, this fork is better because it can take hard ass riding

    The Bad: they are a little heavier then the shivs but who gives a twat, i care more about the strength

    Overall Review: i love them so much....WAY TO GO FIT

    “fit bike co. is amazing!”

    The Good: colors, graphics we will see what else when i get them

    The Bad: i hav herd nothin but good

    Overall Review: i hav fit high bars that i just got last week and there amazing and cant wait to get these to go with the bars!!!!! i be buying these from the Daily Grind


    I've been running the Shiv for a few months now and love em'. they are super light (1.8lbs.) and look real cut up. the legs taper, drops have cut outs. If you ride trails, and moderate street stuff I would recommend these over the blade lights. Over half a pound lighter, you cant go wrong..that is unless your a fat street boss...in that case you shoud just quit riding. But if your med. size and are weight concious, these are the sickest forks. Not to mention the lifetime warranty so if you are fat, buy these forks, and break em', you can always send em' back for a new pair.


    Steer Tube Construction
    Leg Construction


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