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Fit SHIV II Fork

Average User Rating: (Spectacular)
C70_shiv_2_crm C70_shiv_2_blk

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    “very good fork but too small!”

    The Good: very strong and super light weight!

    The Bad: premium refuse resist 2.25 and demolition momentum 2.35 dont fit also the Steerer Length is a bit short, so if you want a high bike without an topload stem and 8.5-10 inch bars , dont get em!

    Overall Review:

    over all very strong and light fork but sadly its very expensive and too small vor very fat tyres ! =(

    “Best Forks Out There”

    The Good: Nice clean look, strong as fuck, extremely light

    The Bad: only thing is i needed an extra spacer for my headset to fit, nothing really to complain about

    Overall Review:

    Buy these forks, the best out there, one of the lightest, and definitely worth the money. also the tapered legs look amazing

    “Thin but built to take anything”

    The Good: The look of these are sexy (especially chrome), lightest forks almost, and they feel very nice!

    The Bad: The stem bolt it comes with is too light and thin, it strips easy and its really short ( just buy an S&M bolt, works alot better) also my dusk cover doesnt stay on these forks as well

    Overall Review: get these if you want something strong and light and also for showing off your bike :D

    “one of the best forks out there”

    The Good: at first i was a bit worried when they arrived because they're so small and the dropouts are quite thin, but they are strong as fuck ! i've only been riding these forks for about two months now, but they have taken some huge grinds, bails and even an 8ft drop ! (

    The Bad: ermm... i suppose they look a bit small but nothin really

    Overall Review: these forks are light, super strong and made by fit. go get some...

    “Much imp[rovement over the SHIV I”

    The Good: Light, Nice geometry, and built in crown race.

    The Bad: No gloss black available

    Overall Review: I've owned these for almost a year. At first I was skeptical due to the poor reviews of the SHIV I's which where notorious bends and breaks (Likely due to the extreme taper legs). So far this thing has put up with a year of abuse, This include, smith grinds, tooth pick grinds, disasters, and rock to fakies on large quarters. Well worth the money

    “good get them”

    The Good: there,nice,light,and strong plus lifetime warenty

    The Bad: white gets dirty easily nothin bad to say

    Overall Review: get them there the best forks

    “Small but Strong!”

    The Good: Super Light!!! Strong af! Cased a box jump from 8ft up 3 times and there perfect!

    The Bad: Top Cap will Strip Easy

    Overall Review: Strong, Light . Nothing like the shity fitShiv's The 2's are Way more thought through and are well built!

    “Fit Shiv II forks”

    The Good: Strong,Yet lightweight design. Ultra Tapered fork legs. Heat treated Quality Aluminum Compression cap Durable and good looking paint Micro heat treated dropouts, Fork legs have notch for clearance of pegs Can run super wide tires.

    The Bad: The dropouts are a bit thin for my liking,But have held up well to grinding,Even with some rough grinds where i hopped a bit too high and smacked down on a ledge, Overseas's manufacturing isn't really a bad thing,But when i purchased these i assumed they were made in the USA at S&M like the first gen shiv and blade forks. Not lifetime warranty but that's no big deal to me really.

    Overall Review: I ordered these as soon as they came out,I was in the market for a new set of forks because i was running a set of S&M Race Xlt forks and i was using pegs with them when i wasn't suppose to,So i sold those to help fund the purchase of the Shiv II forks. They came in a nice fit box and included a sick poster of van homan doing a 3 turndown over brian foster railing a berm at the same time which hangs above my computer screen now haha. I first noticed how insanely light the forks were,I was a bit skeptical at first.But the forks have held up awesome to my riding,The welds looked great,I purchased the Matte Black color that matches well with just about any color scheme. The paint is also very durable and doesn't hardly scratch.The compression cap has a nice fit logo and looks great,It snugs up my headset just fine.The steerer tube length isn't super long but does require you run a good sized headset spacer.I also have tons of tire clearance with a 2.25 and i wouldn't doubt it fits a 2.3 tire pretty good. So if you are a smooth rider and are looking for a set of lightweight yet strong forks i would buy these!Plus the price is pretty fair at 114.99


    Steer Tube Construction Exclusive "Fit Flute" rust proof steerer tube
    Leg Construction Double Butted Ultra Tapered Legs
    Dropouts 5mm Thick, 3/8 Slot
    Colors Black, White, Chrome & Limited Editions

    1 lb 12.8 oz (816 g)

    Miscellaneous • Familiar Shiv Geometry • 162.5mm Steerer Length • Reinforced Steerer Tube • Ultra Tapered Legs • Integrated Bearing Race • Steep 30mm Offset • Improved 2.3" Tire Clearance • Improved Dropout with increased peg clearance • Improved Leg for increased grind clearance
    Price N/A
    More Info Fit website