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Fit Shiv Fork (discontinued)

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“Lasted a good year.”

The Good: yep, they're light. And my Animal pegs fit just right. I've had mine 7 months so far.

The Bad: The steerer tube is hella short, so unless you ride no spacers, this fork is probably not for you. I ride a gyro and my stem is holding on by maybe 3/8 of an inch. That cap is pretty wimpy too.

Overall Review: I've bent or broken every fork I've ever owned. FBM's, Primium, WTP. I'm not smooth. They've held up. As long as your frame has the new school small diameter tubes they look fine. If you put them on anything old they look goofy. As of today I broke off the fork blade. I am the last person who shold be riding this fork, I'm sketchy, ride a ton of street and do lots of smith grinds. If they lasted a year under me, then I think they are pretty good. I'm getting a second pair.

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The Good: ggaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay

The Bad: i think theyre just gay hahah

Overall Review: friend has em theyre shitty lookin i dont like themm the topload bolts garbage too i mean cmon fereal it skinny and wimpyy get united

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“Fit Shivs the gayyest forks out haha jk”

The Good: They are light and strong and look really sweet on almost any bike

The Bad: they have a really short steerter tube and they dont have many colors at all

Overall Review: they are ok just they arent too good for the big tall riders out there

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“sick and they weigh nothing”

The Good: i have them for a month and havent had any problems yet i ride quite hard aswell and throw my bike around quite a bit but they seem cool

The Bad: nothing really bad to say

Overall Review: look wicked and they are one of the lightest forks out my bike is soo much lighter with em

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Steer Tube Construction Exclusive "Fit Flute" rust proof steerer tube
Leg Construction Double butted and tapered legs
Dropouts 3/8
Colors black and white

1 lb 8 oz (680 g)

Price N/A
More Info Fit website