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Fit Shiv Fork (discontinued)

Average User Rating: (Excellent)

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    “The lightest”

    The Good: The slim design make them look nice. big tire clearance. light as anything

    The Bad: Drop outs are alittle thin.

    Overall Review: I got them barely used on crigslist for $30 bucks so you cant beat that and so far theyve held up well. im just hoping theyre strong enough

    “awesome forks!”

    The Good: light, strong (ive thrown my bike multiple times and these are still like new), great "slimming" geo

    The Bad: some ppl say theyre weak but idk how

    Overall Review: greatest forks ive ridden, the only ones that are better are the Fit Shiv II's.

    “These forks be.........”

    The Good: Theyre good theyre light as fuck and can fit the Premium Refuse Resist tire with no problems at all. I think they look way cleaner than my Pitchfork XLT-Ts. These forks dont really flex as bad as some other forks

    The Bad: Idk if theyre USA made or not, I wouldnt have warranty either sice i got them for cheap used. The dropouts are reallly smalll pretty sure they would bend like crazy doing some 180 smiths pretty hard.

    Overall Review: I love these forks, i grind on them and they dont get hit at all also you can fit monster big tires in them so thats a plus, they look thin as hell and are so light its like wtf is this! they also dont really flex as much as my pitchforks . do get a pair if you can find em

    “Great fork”

    The Good: I have had these for about a year and no trouble. I have done some dropout grinds on them and no cracks or bends. Looks good.

    The Bad: At first they look alitle sketchy because they are so thin.

    Overall Review: Awsome fork With no issues

    “Nice Forks”

    The Good: Look Sweet Pretty light Strong enough

    The Bad: cracked them

    Overall Review: Ive had them since summer Ive ridden them hard landed on the dropouts done some pretty big drops with them. they were pretty good until bought a week ago the weld on the top cracked but the warranty on them is great and now i have a brand new pair.

    “All Good with Me!!”

    The Good: i have mine a year now and i ride all round holding up going down handrails, casing dirt jumps or on any abuse i have given it. a friend of mine has them nearly 2 years also and has had no problems either. nice strong steerer tube and cap and a very low maintainance fork... nice!!

    The Bad: a little too light for me! i prefer to know what under me whin i ride a bike... perfect for a trend rider. nice if u ride pegs like me though but wana keep the weight down! also too much shit talk about them. what do u expect at that weight? any breaks are probably the riders fault completely!

    Overall Review: if they are good enough for the fit team then they are good enough for me! dont bother buying em if your a sloppy rider or learning smith grinds! . if you abuse parts then your just better of with an oldskool s&m pitch fork

    “pretty good :)”

    The Good: there very light and look mint, cuz they go skinny at the bottom, but stay big at the top.

    The Bad: they are not very strong, some of my mates, like 4 or 5 of them all cracked and snapped them when they rode them.

    Overall Review: not to bad, i would ride them but make sure i wouldn't be sketchy or do heavy street riding

    “greatest forks ever?”

    The Good: i love mine. never had a single problem and ive had mine a little over 9 months. i got them because a friend had some (witch he has riden for over a year now) and im so glad i did. and i had to cut my steerer tube because it was to long. no cracks or bending.

    The Bad: dropouts could be a bit bigger.

    Overall Review: 9 and a half out of 10


    Steer Tube Construction Exclusive "Fit Flute" rust proof steerer tube
    Leg Construction Double butted and tapered legs
    Dropouts 3/8
    Colors black and white

    1 lb 8 oz (680 g)

    Price N/A
    More Info Fit website