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S&M Pitchfork XLT Fork

Average User Rating: (Excellent)
S&M Pitchfork XLT Fork pf_xlt_blk

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    “Badass forks”

    The Good: Im not a fan of S&M but these are strong forks they are heat treated and not bad deal for the cost for them there also very light to but the best thing is that they are american made forks

    The Bad: Trading them for fit forks is a bad thing to do and also Bolt that comes with it is easy to strip out i had the right Allen key for it and it still stripped it also u cant put fat tires on them

    Overall Review: I recomend this to a friend and worth the price

    “One of the few USA Made forks”

    The Good: Made in the USA, Not to tapered, look good, reasonable weight, Great warranty

    The Bad: 33mm offset (Not my style of Riding), Dropout Bent from heavy peg use

    Overall Review:

    i would say these forks would be better for pegless street riders or park/trail riders. I Bent my dropout pretty bad after about 8-10 months of heavy peg use. The plus side is they took care of the fork and sent me a new one. I love that there made in the USA, if you like pegs i would recommend the S&M Fastpitch's.


    The Good: Felt so light after running stock kink forks, look sickk

    The Bad: Snapped my drop out about 9 months after purchase, i looked after them and wasn't even doing anything stupid when it snapped, not even peg side haha

    Overall Review: alright forks if you can live off warranty...


    The Good: it is a great fork really light the dropouts look awesome they have nice decals

    The Bad: they cost a lot if you grind, you will surely damage or sketch the lower part of the fork sometimes the compression bolt caused me some problems it's design is basic, not as shadow or eclat forks for ex

    Overall Review:

    i ride them for about a year. they didn't cause me problems yet. they are solid but overpriced. i sometimes had problems with the compression bolt


    The Good: hold up for about a year

    The Bad: ive snapped two of these in the last two years, the first time only one dropout came out and the second time they both did. what happened to half way decent forks?

    Overall Review: they are good for about a year. not worth the price. better forks around

    “S&M Pitchfork XLT”

    The Good: I love these forks they look so sick and are light

    The Bad: NO WARRANTY

    Overall Review: I couldnt fit some fatass tires in it but whatever i love these and reperesent my fav company

    “got em a lil bit ago”

    The Good: its s&m what else to say

    The Bad: the primo n4fl hub gurds dont work so well with the drop outs on the forks ehh

    Overall Review: love emm feel strong and look sick


    Steer Tube Construction
    Leg Construction True Temper butted and tapered legs
    Dropouts 3/8
    Colors Available in Chrome, Black, Red and White

    2 lb 0 oz (907 g)

    Miscellaneous The PITCHFORK XLT is super-strong and light. We've added strength where you need it and taken away weight where you don't. With a built-in bearing race and a Zinc undercoating, this fork is easier to install than ever and will look good as new for a long time. Made in USA. 100% Zinc coated before powder coating "4Q Baked" maximum heat-treat Welded in compression sleeve Built-in bearing race Laser cut drop-outs Extruded insert Made in USA
    Price N/A
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