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S&M Race XLT Fork Fork

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S&M Race XLT Fork Fork Race XLT Fork

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    “S&M Race Xlt Forks”

    The Good: Strong for non pegless riders 4Q Baked heat treated American made Decent paint Lightweight and durable

    The Bad: As stated does require you to install a star nut or headlock in order to tighten your headset Not recommended for Peg use Not tapered Requires an adapter for use on integrated headsets which is harder to find these days.

    Overall Review: I got these forks from a friend who bought them with a used frame he traded for another frame and some other forks,He ended up getting a set of Fit Blades,So he offered to give these race xlt's to me because he owed me some money he borrowed. When i got the forks they looked like older style pitchforks with smaller dropouts,But they were pretty lightweight as well.I don't race personally but heard that some people rode these riding skateparks and even street.So i ran them with pegs even though it wasn't recommended because the drop outs are very small and not ment to take grinding abuse. I only rode them a few sessions with pegs and lots of friends told me to sell them before i did any damage to the dropouts which i did.The dropouts never bent from my grinds although i didn't ride them very long maybe 7 or 8 sessions where i did some grinds. I would recommend them if your going for a lighter set up and don't use pegs.I rate them 4 out of 5 stars because of the need to install a star nut makes it a hassle,Also that star nuts are notorious for pulling out of the steerer tube while tightening your headset.


    The Good: there light.. look nice

    The Bad: they require stemlock or a star nut intalled for me weak at welds

    Overall Review: im a big rider around 230 pounds i rode these forks for less than a month did a drop/gap a little over 6 foot (above my head) both drop outs snaped at the weld and front wheel flew off, if your a lighter rider or not doing to much street id recomend tho.


    Steer Tube Construction
    Leg Construction

    The Race XLT is the lightest fork S&M has ever made. The machined head tube works with all 1-1/8” headsets, integrated or not, and it’s compatible with Head Locks or removable star nuts. Double-butted legs, smaller dropouts, and an exclusive 4Q Baked heat-treating process will send you through your motos faster than greased moose poop!

    • 1.9 pounds (24” is 2.1 pounds)
    • Made in USA
    • 100% “4Q Baked” heat treated cromo
    • Compatible with head lock systems or removable star nuts
    • Compatible with integrated and non-integrated headsets
    • Lifetime warranty

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