Stolen SSL Fork

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Same thing as Vortex

The Good:

Integrated bearing race.

The Bad:

Costs more than vortex.

Overall Review:

It's the same thing as the vortex except it has an integrated bearing race.

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Vital BMX member Angstystudio
95598 Angstystudio,95598/all 06/27/12 43 43 41 70 8 40

should i get them

The Good:

i dont know they look good and i like price

The Bad:

idk yet thats what im asking

Overall Review:

um not sure really hoping to find out

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Vital BMX member BikeFit66
87293 BikeFit66,87293/all 11/18/11 1 1 5 1

hmm...well ya know.

The Good:

looks good, loose offset

The Bad:

a buddy of mine, the day i was supposed to order it tried a toboggan out of a 6 foot loveseat and tucked it up wrong so he tossed it to the side about 2 feet off the ground and it hit front wheel first and bent the fork forward. now hes ridin chopper style until further notice

Overall Review:

needs a better, maybe thicker, leg structure. rides strong even while bent forward ahha.

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Vital BMX member 6 hour power :)
80730 6 hour power :),80730/all 06/13/11 2 25 1 8

looks good

The Good:

1pc steer Tube, the price...

The Bad:

the offset is a little to long!

Overall Review:

A good fork, maybe not the best but it looks very good !!!

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Vital BMX member hibou
57817 hibou,57817/all 02/15/10 1 1


Product Stolen SSL Fork
Riding Type Freestyle
Wheel Size 20"
Steer Tube Construction 1 pc. rust proofed fluted Chromoly steerer tube w/ integrated crown race
Leg Construction Fluted 28.6mm Chromoly legs
Dropouts (Axle Size) 5mm compact dropouts, 3/8" slots
Brake Mounts
Colors Black, Gang Green, Neon Orange, or White
Weight 1 lb 13.9 oz (847 g)
Price N/A
More Info

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