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United Squad V2 Fork

Average User Rating: (Excellent)
United Squad V2 Fork united_squadv2_blk

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    “light fork but bad dropouts”

    The Good: Pretty light and cheap, but thats about it.

    The Bad: Bad welding on the droputs , they are pretty weak. I cracked them both and didn't even really force them to much. I have this fork for about a year now. Oh yea .. and the top cap broked in two weeks.. and I had to replace it with another one.

    Overall Review:

    Light, cheap, but bad welding and weak dropouts.

    “Great but one problem”

    The Good: Cheap and made of thick metal, haven't bent them yet.

    The Bad: They come in matte black not gloss but the biggest problems is the dropouts, they're welded on like shit and while the forks are going strong, my dropouts are bent like crazy.

    Overall Review:

    Not really the best street forks but I have not ridden much else.

    “Solid Forks”

    The Good: Solid/Strong Light Nice details/finish

    The Bad: Streerer too short for my liking Legs catch when you grind

    Overall Review:

    Ive been riding these forks for almost a year or so now, theyve held up really well barely losing any paint, no dents what so ever etc. My only issue is that the fork leg doesn't have much clearance from the drop out, thus catching when i do grinds :/

    “best forks ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

    The Good: they look sick there light the offfset is the best ever for any thing

    The Bad: nothing at all the the best.

    Overall Review: iv only been riden these for only for about just under a week because my fit shiv 2s striped out but they feel awesome for nose tricks and i think that they will last me a couple of years to come.

    “Brilliant forks from united!”

    The Good: light, strong, very good looking!

    The Bad: nothing i have found

    Overall Review: had these forks for a few months now, have held up very well and seem to be able to take a battering!Highly recommended.
    Overall Review: had these forks for a few months now, have held up very well and seem to be able to take a battering! Highly recommended.


    Steer Tube Construction 1 Piece Heat Treated CNC'd Chromo
    Leg Construction Heat Treated Butted Chromo
    Dropouts Compact Dropouts With Inner Machining, 10mm Only
    Colors Matt Black, High Gloss Deep Red, Pearl White

    2 lb 0.7 oz (926 g)

    Miscellaneous 7075 Top Cap, Rust Proof Coating Before Painting
    Price $115.99
    More Info United website