Black Eye Killorado Frame (discontinued)

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Black Eye Killorado Frame k2_1_big
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    “love it,amazing frame”

    The Good:

    geo is spot on,fun to ride,looks clean,great for techy street(i dont got huge often),responsive,easy for spins hops nose mannys pretty anything....

    The Bad:

    nothing really,its not great if you ride trails or do huge drops(like rooftop to flat).

    Overall Review:

    amazing street frame,bad trails frame.......if your into only riding street or park buy this frame you wont be disappointed

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    Vital BMX member furrycorpse
    93394 furrycorpse /images/default/avatar/c50.png,93394/all 04/27/12 3,93394/setup 1

    “dented and bent killorado v3”

    The Good:

    it was such a smooth sweet ride. i loved the frame.

    The Bad:

    when doin tail whips off of curbs i bent the rear fork (were the back rim sits) and just a few crashes the frame was all dented up.

    Overall Review:

    its a nice frame. i would say, only use it for park use. but its still a week frame for hardcore riders. i would give it a 3.5

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    Vital BMX member Mike_Strupp
    90251 Mike_Strupp,90251/all 02/06/12 1

    “dented rado”

    The Good:

    lowslung light fun to ride had the 21" in metal blue great color!

    The Bad:

    dented the chainstay a month after i got it from a 360 bail

    Overall Review:

    fun tech frame to ride but disappointed it dented so easy traded it for a fly tierra!

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    Vital BMX member Joe_Martinez
    85407 Joe_Martinez,85407/all 09/28/11 4,85407/setup 235 1211 38 12 15


    The Good:

    the low standover,the responsiveness

    The Bad:

    its only available on one color,but i have painted mine in black so it looks like the v3

    Overall Review:

    this is the frame for you guys out there if you want a very responsive frame at those whips!

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    Vital BMX member icarus13
    37904 icarus13,37904/all 12/27/08 7 2 6


    Product Black Eye Killorado Frame
    Headset Integrated
    Bottom Bracket Mid
    Top Tube Length 20.25" / 20.5" / 20.75" / 21"
    Chainstay Length 13.5" to 13.8"
    Head Tube Angle 75 degrees
    Seat Tube Angle 71 degrees
    Standover Height
    Brake Mount Location Removable Seatstay
    Dropouts 14mm
    Materials 100% seamless chromoly
    Colors Metallic Blue, Matte Gray

    4 lb 10.5 oz (2.1 kg)

    Price N/A
    More Info Black Eye website