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Cult Death Row Frame (discontinued)

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Cult Death Row Frame Death Row
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“In the middle”

The Good: Looks good, everyone can identify your frame

The Bad: Not really that strong bcuz i have a friend that dented him frame on a rail that was bottom bearing on the fork height and it has a huge dent

Overall Review: i would get it but not do really that much extreme crazy stuff on it

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“Cult shit is the shit”

The Good: Colors (black, raw) sweet welds sick topo gusset. strong frame.. made in the us by solid.. i dont know how it can get better. im for sure getting it

The Bad: of corse the raw HAS to be clear coated. not a big deal though

Overall Review: amazing frame... go buy it

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“Awesome frame”

The Good: Pretty much everything. It feels so solid, and light. The geometry is perfect. Welds are legit, and strong. Easily one of the best frames out there.

The Bad: If you get in raw (like me) it will rust. Make sure you put like 20 good coats of clear coat and it wont rust anymore. Or just paint it any color you want.

Overall Review: The minute I set it up and rode it I loved it, and Ive loved since then. That was about 5 months ago.

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“Must Get Cult Death Row is a very well worth the price”

The Good: This frame is very well built feels stiff, strong, and like a very good fit, i have had this frame for over three months and i ride it every day. no it has not cracked like they say and i weigh around 150-160 pounds

The Bad: i rode it without getting it clear coated and it rusted a little bit but i got it cleared and its all good now

Overall Review: Very good frame i have not gotten any problems with it other than the rusting

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“cult death row frame”

The Good: its light and durable the weld marks r tight also

The Bad: i cracked the frame in the 1st week i had it !

Overall Review: it was ok i liked it alot if it wouldnt have broken tht would have been sweet lol

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“Sucha nce frame”

The Good: So strong, light too, Geo is perfect for street, trails park anything, Really nice and reliable. Perfect frame.

The Bad: I got mine raw wich has no clear coat. Thats it.

Overall Review: Perfect frame, Cant go wrong.

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The Good: i know people with this frame and it is amazing...great angles and strong and light

The Bad: all you cult hatters can shut the fuk up because CULT isnt taking ideas from fit or s&m...if it wasnt for Rob-o then fit and s&m wouldnt be anything that they are 2day

Overall Review: cults awsome and they make amazing parts so stop talkin shit

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Headset Integrated
Bottom Bracket Mid
Top Tube Length 20.5", 20.75", 21", 21.25"
Chainstay Length 13.55"
Head Tube Angle 75
Seat Tube Angle 71
Standover Height
Brake Mount Location Seat Stay - Removable
Dropouts 14mm
Colors Raw, Black

4 lb 10 oz (2.1 kg)

Price $349.99
More Info Cult website