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Eastern Bikes Grim Reaper Frame (discontinued)

Average User Rating: (Excellent)
Eastern Bikes Grim Reaper Frame Grim Reaper

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    “the grim reaper”

    The Good: has and amazing feel to it super light strong great for street

    The Bad: get dirt in the seat post some times

    Overall Review: alot of people complain about breaking the bike but thats what a warrenty is for and not to mention i hear alot of pros uses this bike and have not broke it. so if you break it you must be doing something wrong. not to mention its a street bike use it for street not 15ft dirt jumps and avoid the 15 set cus this bike does have alot of cut outs and 70% of bikes arent made for 15sets so dont be suprized if you land a little wrong and break it. eastern have lived up to its standards dont need amatures bringing its name in the dirt because they dont know how to ride or land a trick right...

    “the grim reaper”

    The Good: its light looks killer! seat clamp is sick thats about it...

    The Bad: I craced it with in 3 months and im 14 and only 110 pounds i dont ride too teribly hard

    Overall Review: its preety nice deffently if you have a lot of money get it and if it cracks then get a new one!! but if you dont have money dont bother its piece of shit

    “this frame is awesome”

    The Good: light, great geometry, holds up, 20in tt good for park, street, and flatland

    The Bad: sometimes i get dirt in my bb

    Overall Review: I have a 20in tt version 2 and love it! i ride mostly park and flatland so this frame makes for a great hybrid bike. super light and holds up to what I throw at it. the geometry is spot on for me. i don't think i'll ever ride a different frame!

    “$100 porsche come and get it.”

    The Good: great balance of weight and strength

    The Bad: not for everyone

    Overall Review: Normally, I will refrain from posting on reviews and forums for my own products, but for bmxlos I gotta say this.. dude, you bought the frame for 10 bucks.. only the devil knows what that frame went through before you had it. That's like buying a $100 Porsche and saying it sucks cause the engine was blown or the body was rusted out. We have never said this frame was for everyone.. it's not. It is an awesome frame for what it was meant to be. It is a balance of weight and strength. I'll buy the damn thing back for $10 just to keep an old horse off the street. Jon Byers/ co-owner of Eastern

    “I Love Haters”

    The Good: It's light, lighter then a lot of other frames out there

    The Bad: If you ride it like it's a 6 pound Warpig and forget it's a 4 pound frame with holes in it, you're in for trouble

    Overall Review: Pay attention to what you buy kids, even if a gucci "high end" company like S&M made a full supertherm frame that weighed in at 4 pounds with holes cut in it, it would have the same problems. Don't set a double standard. If you grind, you have the risk of bending a drop out... it's not rocket science. If you whack shit against other shit one of the shits will bend/crack.

    “good frame while it lasted”

    The Good: I had this frame for a year and it was running well, good geo and very light!

    The Bad: after a year of use, it cracked on the top of the down tube near the bb, it cracked on landing a hop bars as well..... not the hardest landing possible

    Overall Review: the grim reaper is a good frame and is very nice to ride but i think with it being so light it looses a bit of strength

    “super light yet strong”

    The Good: light, cult outs if your into that kind of stuff

    The Bad: i dont like the geo

    Overall Review: alot of my friends had them and they held up really good and eastern has the best warranty so you really cant go wrong with eastern

    “Super lite frame”

    The Good: One of the lightest frames that is can be used for street riding.

    The Bad: Some crack on the top tube. (but that is want the warranty is for)

    Overall Review: Eastern rules. All this little kids buy them and don't take care of them. And then they give bad reviews. Stop giving Eastern a bad name, it is one of the top names in BMX. So quit hating!

    “It is light, but yeah....”

    The Good: light, good geometry, good if you ride smooth and in dry conditions

    The Bad: in wet or dirty conditions dirt, or water WILL, get in thought the hole under the bb and ruin the bb completely, also the water will most likely snap the seatstay aswell, because it's so thin and weak there.

    Overall Review: it's light, but nowadays you can get better frames the same weight. i had one for about 7-8 months second hand, with brand new bb, and it absolutely screwed the bb, and seatstay snapped, but suprisingly it was totally rideable after that, just a little bouncy. if you really want something with the same geometry but stronger, get the 08 wtp phoenix, it's a bit heavier but alot cheaper, and stronger


    Bottom Bracket
    Top Tube Length
    Chainstay Length
    Head Tube Angle
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