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Fit WIFI Frame

Average User Rating: (Spectacular)
Fit WIFI Frame Frame - Fit WIFI - Ltd. Smoke Chrome
C70_frame_fit_wifi_ltd._smoke_chrome C70_frame_fit_wifi_dark_blue C70_frame_fit_wifi_gloss_clear C70_frame_fit_wifi_chrome C70_frame_fit_wifi_matte_black

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    “Fit WiFi - excellent frame ”

    The Good: The Fit Wifi frame in 20.75" is my current frame and unless it breaks, it will be my frame for a long time, I may even get another after this one. I primarily ride street and park , and with the shorter rear end length and steeper head-tube angle of the WiFi I've found it very quick and responsive, without being squirrelly. This is a very durable frame and has yet to show any concerning signs of wear, (for example I bounced the DT off a ledge pretty hard yesterday and it barely dinged it). The geometry of the WiFi is what stood out to me most and is the main reason I bought it, also the price is very reasonable on them. I like the shorter rear end more for ease of getting up onto bar/over bar height ledges and rails, for me it's easier to suck up the rear end on a shorter frame, but also it's been great for spins and manuals without having too much a tendency to get loopy.

    The Bad: Not made in U.S.A.... That's about all I can find that I don't like , but it also would've made the frame more expensive to make it here so it's really not an issue! Maybe some more color variety would be cool too!

    Overall Review:

    If you're in the market for a strong, responsive light (sure there are lighter frames but at under 5lbs if you think that's heavy....nvm) then get a WiFi. You'll save a bunch of money and be happier than you would with whatever else you were lookin' at!  They're strong, quick, stiff and well priced. Can't go wrong with the Fit WiFi!

    “Decent frame”

    The Good: Awesome street geometry, cool colors, and doesn't dent.

    The Bad: Cracks! I have seen multiple cracked wifis, both cracked on welds attached to the head tube and another cracked on the weld attaching the bottom bracket to the dropouts.

    Overall Review:

    I do like the frame. its feels great to ride. My personal frame has been going strong for about twelve months, but i do worry about it cracking. For good reason. A friend of mine cracked his and I have seen one other instance of this happening. All frames have issues, but I would just like to warn you that there are some bad eggs out there.

    “Fit WIFi frame”

    The Good: Strong, easy to throw around cause of the geometry (frame geometry is the shit), I'm no weight weenie but this thing is pretty light. Responsive. Probably the last

    The Bad: I have a couple little dents on the chainstay from grinds but I took my pegs off but that's nothing bad. The decals that come on it are a little over kill so i took them all off except the one on the downtube. The worst thing about it is that I would like to know the warranty details so I can just keep getting this same frame because I love it

    Overall Review:

    I bought the 20.75 toptube and for me (i'm about 5'8) feels amazing. It just rides really nice and the frame overall is really strong. Love this frame and will ride it until its done, and then buy another Wifi frame!

    “Great frame, would Recommend to anyone!”

    The Good: It is solid, strong and light! it comes in great colors, chrome loos sick. The sizes it comes in are perfect. This Frame has really good all round geometry.

    The Bad: The only thing i would change is make it low cut.

    Overall Review:

    I have had this frame for 6 months now, I haven't had any problems! Its a sweet frame, good work fit!!

    “Just bought it”

    The Good: I looked at no reviews before I bought this and then I come on here and see that every review says its perfect. Cant wait to run this frame. I was getting tired of my old atock frame. And its just about to give out. Hopefully I get it soon.

    The Bad: Obviously nothing

    Overall Review:

    the frame seems like a solid piece of work. Always can rely on fit (:

    “FIT WIFI....................”

    The Good: perfect price to quality ratio... strong as fuck ... good wieght about 4.7lbs.. they have sexy colors/ the blue ! raw looks sick.. and now smoked chrome witch looks super sexy.. super tech street frame short back end = easier manuels and spin tricks.. 75.5 heattube angle = easier hang fives/tens and nose manuels .. downtube and toptube gussets ... they have any size u need!

    The Bad: Nothing ... last frame im ever gonna buy ... i have the smoked chrome finish on it and im in love with that shit.... for 300$ ur best choice for a street rider... fit wifi!

    Overall Review:

    .................................. Get it....

    “Pretty amazing!”

    The Good: Truly I love this frame best frame I had for the 5 years I've been riding. the geo feels amazing , the frame has some weight but who cares! when u ride it u cant even notice any huge weight difference for people who want a light frame, I've tried this frame on park,street and trails, and its really nice going off jumps and coping. and I'm a pretty hard rider, i go for big gaps and so on, and it hold it really nice for just about any riding style!

    The Bad: Haven't had a bad thing about it at all.

    Overall Review:

    Truly I love it as you can tell, I will probably never change frames unless this goes and if it does, Im probably gonna get it again! or just send it into warranty and get a new one. but overall I recommend this frame to anyone that likes fit and wants a nice frame for anything and can hold up to some pretty hard impacts!

    “amazing frame”

    The Good: short cs, double gussets, steep front end, lower bb

    The Bad: have nothing bad to say

    Overall Review:

    got mine early december 2012. fell in love. its a dream for street riding. everything about it works perfect together. short cs with a lower bb evens out perfect. add the steep ht and you cant go wrong


    Headset Integrated
    Bottom Bracket Mid, 11.6" Height
    Top Tube Length 20.25", 20.5", 20.75", 21", or 21.25"
    Chainstay Length 13.10" - 13.375"
    Head Tube Angle 75.5°
    Seat Tube Angle 71°
    Standover Height 8.5"
    Brake Mount Location Seat Stays, Thread-On
    Dropouts 14mm, 5mm Thick, 4Q Baked
    Materials Straight Gauge Top and Down Tube, Internally Butted Seat Tube
    Colors Matte Black, Chrome, Dark Blue, Gloss Clear, or Ltd. Smoke Chrome

    20.25”: 4 lb 12.2 oz (2.2 kg)

    20.5”: 4 lb 12.5 oz (2.2 kg)

    21”: 4 lb 13.2 oz (2.2 kg)

    20.75”: 4 lb 12.9 oz (2.2 kg)

    21.25”: 4 lb 13.6 oz (2.2 kg)

    Price N/A
    More Info Fit website