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Guerra Martyr Frame

Average User Rating: (Excellent)
Guerra Martyr Frame V11-142-3
C70_v11_142_3 C70_v11_martyr_group C70_v11_142_1 C70_v11_142 C70_v11_141 C70_v11_161_1 C70_v11_161_3 C70_v11_161_4 C70_v11_143_3 C70_v11_140 C70_v11_140_1 C70_guerra_frame_seat_clamp_out_of_framephosphate.large C70_martyr_bb.large C70_martyr_bb_with_bearings_2.large C70_martyr_bb_with_bearings.large

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    “Good frame”

    The Good: Light, strong, looks cool. By the way, i'm riding this frame

    The Bad: There is nothing bad about it

    Overall Review:

    Best frame i have ridden and it holds up great

    “grate frame buy it”

    The Good: mega light super strong dont dent had mine for almost a year and hasn't got a single dent or hardly scratched had no problem at all the seat clam is a awesome idea and lifetime warranty i dont think im going to need it i duno what 360xurider is on about hes probaly just hateing

    The Bad: nothing this frame is bad ass

    Overall Review: grate frame buy it its staying strong for me and i flip flairs whips ect and throw my bike around alot :L GET IT

    “ass chunks”

    The Good: Absolutely nothing is good about this frame. Has a lifetime warranty though.

    The Bad: It is the purest piece of garbage in the land of bmx that you can acquire. For the 300 dollar retail price it is soooo not worth it, and there are plenty of other frames out there that are cheaper than this and 100 times better. The seat tube is so low and so if you like a higher seat you have to raise your post up 2 zillion feet. Also the metal is extremely poor quality, and within the first week of having it the chainstay dented from the bike rolling onto a piece of angle iron. Also, the maltese bottom bracket is terrible. Apparently it's supposed to be stronger than mid or spanish bottom brackets and withstand like 3500 pounds of pressure, when around a month of having it the bearings just fell apart, which I have never done to any bottom bracket.

    Overall Review: Dents easy, low cut scooter frame, cheap Japanese metal, will make you want to kill yourself, maltese bottom bracket that it has is simply the stupidest idea that has ever come to a bmxer's mind.

    “great frame, no regrets”

    The Good: seat clamp weight looks amazing solid strong cheap the small bb, and it is easy to install(just slips straight in with some w40 and a light whack) the geo is great the colors/ paint job is great, and is hard to scratch

    The Bad: some people may not like the geo some people may not like the small bb, although it is light weight looks very clean and doesn't break

    Overall Review: I have had this frame for a little while, and I love it It feels quite a bit like the Easten grim reaper but it feels solid smoother, it is easier to nose manual, you can trust it under neath you. so I guess it is a bit like the eternal frame but I couldn't say because I haven't ridden it. I like that not many people have this frame. it is light weight but doesn't feel like a toy. I would defiantly recommend getting this frame or the triad. and you would not regret it.

    “good 4 the $$$”

    The Good: light & responsive

    The Bad: long chain stay for my taste.

    Overall Review: been riding it for a month now. alot of grinds and gaps. the back end is a little big for my liking. Ive never had such a light frame and it feels really nice and very responsive! I was a little nervous that it would dent and bend really easily but its been holding up real good so far, hope it stays dialed. i like the press in euro, havnt had any problems with it atleast. the built in seat clamp has never slipped. i like that you can fit a fat tire in there and have plenty of room. i def like it, and for 220$ brand new its a great deal! but so is most the stuff on veinbmx.com

    “sweet frame”

    The Good: for such a light frame my mate is a hard rider and throws his bike around and its still running fine

    The Bad: after he threw it at about 3 rails as hard as he can he got a little dent in the top tube

    Overall Review: solid frame holds up strong and feels so good to ride


    Headset 1-1/8" Integrated w/ Offset Butted Headtube
    Bottom Bracket Maltese BB w/ 11.5" BB Height
    Top Tube Length 20.5', 20.75", 21", 21.25" Available
    Chainstay Length 13.75"
    Head Tube Angle 75 Degrees
    Seat Tube Angle 71 Degrees
    Standover Height
    Brake Mount Location Replaceable Mounts on Seatstays
    Dropouts 14mm Machined & Heat Treated w/ 6mm Thick Chromoly Dropouts
    Materials 100% Japanese Post Weld Heat Treated Chromoly tubing. Downtube is Triple Butted. Toptube, Seat Tube, Seatstays and Chainstays are Double Butted. BB, Headtube & Dropouts are Hardened Chromoly. Headtube is Offset Butted
    Colors Matte Black, Matte Red, Matte Blue, Matte Phosphate

    3 lb 15.7 oz (1.8 kg)

    Miscellaneous Buy at www.veinbmx.com
    Price $299.99
    More Info Guerra website