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Haro Zebra Frame

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Haro Zebra Frame zebra-frame-green
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    “haro zebra FTW”

    The Good: good colors strong as hell cheap, like 160 good geometry full cromo its a haro

    The Bad: kinda heavy but not too bad non integrated seat clamp

    Overall Review:

    this frame is my first aftermarket frame and im in love. its super strong, i was hit by a car on it and was thrown 10 feet and landed with the bike under me, not a scratch. this thing is easily equivalent to a much more expensive frame. haro basically created freestyle BMX and they obviously haven't lost the knack to make bad ass bikes keep it up haro

    “Haro Zebra”

    The Good: Geometry, Price.

    The Bad: Colors, Non intergated seatclamp

    Overall Review:

    I love this frame. I got it becaause I was on a budget, and I am really glad I got it. perfect geo, 100% chomoly, and just overall a good frame.

    “This Frame Brought Me Back to BMX”

    The Good: Price, Geometry, 100% chromoly, Haro reliability and reputation

    The Bad: Paint, weight (if that's your concern), stigma of a "cheap" frame

    Overall Review:

    I started riding freestyle BMX when I was 13. After two major breaks from riding BMX (through my late teens - 20's and a few years ago) I'm still going. I am 38 yrs. old.

    I got back into BMX in my mid-30's after being inspired and reminded of how fun it was. I had the false thinking I was "too old" to be riding street, so I mostly stuck to flatland by riding a few flatland specific frames. By the second or third year of riding flatland, I started to get knee pain that was making riding BMX unbearable. I attribute that to being overweight and the tiny flatland frame. Through MTB'ing and the therapeutic motion of pedaling, I lost 45lbs and my knee is much better.

    In April of this year, I decided to get back into riding after a three year hiatus. I received an invite to attend the Old School BMX Reunion (OSBMXR) at Woodward West, and so I started building a bike. I was hesitant on getting back into BMX and didn't want to spend a whole lot, and the 21" Haro Zebra looked good.

    After putting it together, I have been extremely surprised on how well this bike rides. The feel, the geometry and the Haro reputation are all done with great thought. Understand, that this frame shares the same geometry specs as Haro's flagship frame - the SD V2 - so if you don't mind the 1lb. weight penalty, this frame will suit your needs.

    I ride street, park and flatland (mostly street), and I have progressed significantly in the last 4 months of riding after being away for three years. I attribute this to the great, confidence inspiring geometry and careful thought into my build. I've had to upgrade quite a few things, so the "cheap" original parts that I put on have been replaced by upgrades.

    Don't get caught up in the stigma of a sub-$200 frame. The Zebra shares the same attributes of much more expensive frames - geometry-wise, it's the same as the Haro SD v2.

    The paint did come off when I peeled off a sticker, so be aware that the paint quality may not be the highest - which I would assume comes with a lower cost frame. However, if you don't mind cosmetics, this frame is a great value, backed by Haro's history and reputation.

    Here's a video of me on my Zebra. This is 4 months of riding. I know I have a lot to work on, but hey, I'm old!

    I'll be posting a bike check on my Instagram soon. Please check it out if you're interested: @dionridesbikes

    Growing Old from Dion Rides Bikes on Vimeo.

    “Great Overlooked Frame”

    The Good: ITS HARO!! somewhat light, Nice colors, STRONG, very comfortable ride and ITS HARO!!!!!

    The Bad: The paint scuffs easy. Needs a couple coats of clear enamel.

    Overall Review:

    I had the green Zebra. this really is a great frame especially for the price, you cant go wrong. I dont know why more people dont own this frame.I recently sold mine and I regret it terribly. I switched to a Hoffman Bama 12' , wich I aslo regret. My Hoffman feels realy awkward and kinda cheap. For 159 bucks from Dans, you would be just plain stupid not to give this frame a try. I cant wait to get another one.

    “Great Frame”

    The Good: Does its job perfectly. It's strong, the paintjob is nice (mine is flat black), great geometry, everything went in just fine when I switched frames, and I really like that the seatpost is a little taller than most scooter-frames...

    The Bad: It's a bit heavier than 'modern' frames, but I don't care. Anyway kids today might find its weight to be too much (it's not heavy, really. be a man!). The one thing I really would like this frame to have is an extra cable guide. It only comes with the barrel guide.

    Overall Review:

    5 stars for sure! a great idea from Haro (a frame for people on a budget - like I am right now) and it does NOT mean it's some crappy cheap frame either! It can take a beating just like your 400 dollar fit, S&M, wethepeople or any other frame!

    “Pretty good”

    The Good: Price, look, feel, 100% crmo

    The Bad: Break mounts n paint. not integrated seat clamp

    Overall Review: the brake mounts suck but idc cuz i ride breakless.

    “Decent Frame”

    The Good: The price, the look, and the feel

    The Bad: The paint doesn't hold up well at all. I had a problem where my brake cable tab actually ripped out of the frame. Haro was very good about replacing the frame though at no cost to me.

    Overall Review: It's a great frame other than the paint and my issue. The frame is solid and would make a great frame for anyone on a budget. I will say the green is really really bright


    Headset Integrated
    Bottom Bracket Mid
    Top Tube Length 20.5" or 21"
    Chainstay Length 13.75"
    Head Tube Angle 75°
    Seat Tube Angle
    Standover Height
    Brake Mount Location Seat Stays, Fully Removable
    Dropouts 14mm
    Materials 100% Chromoly
    Colors Black, Red, or Green

    5 lb 8 oz (2.5 kg)

    Price N/A
    More Info Haro Website