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Premium Products Guttershark Frame

Average User Rating: (Excellent)
Premium Products Guttershark   Frame Premium-Guttershark-raw
C70_premium_guttershark_raw C70_129855370_1294372001 C70_premium_guttershark_red

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    “supper good frame !!!”

    The Good: low bb 11.5 :-) has held for over a year , supper nice looking , light :-P, perfect stand over , good clasic chainstay length , comes in 21 20:75 and 20:5 removable break and gyro mounts :-)

    The Bad: paint chiped ... dented whene looping out of a croock, a bit of rust ... no clearence for 2.25 or 2.20 in the back whene slamed ,i snaped the inegrated seat postt clamp bolt and now i ca no longer raise or lower my seat.

    Overall Review:

    it is pricy but it is light and it has a supper geo. ... is it worth the price ... im not sure , but i would get an other one in a heart beat :-)

    “Pretty decent”

    The Good: Ive had my guttershark for 6 months. High ass bunny hops good for tailwhips and trails if your light weight

    The Bad: A little long considering im only 5 11 and im riding 20.8 so it makes it hard to spin sometimes and its near inpossible to hold a manual and dents way to easy

    Overall Review: Its an amazing frame light and rides smooth if you dont get too tech on the streets or your busting out some trails also very rust resistant

    “best frame ive ever owned”

    The Good: Super light, and I love the look

    The Bad: Nothing at all

    Overall Review: Great frame, idk how why it would have such bad reviews, its a awesome frame


    The Good: super light, lifetime warranty, feels great and looks great, i love the feel when im doing whips. I got it brand new from acebmx.com 350$

    The Bad: i guess for some its expensive, others worry about breaking it(which i doubt people have), but premiums warranty is super good.

    Overall Review: ive only had mine about 2 months, but ive done some big stuff with it. i ride alot of street, park and some trails. tailwhipped her down a 6 set, it held up no bends crack nothing. if you can afford it and your looking for a lightweight frame this is the way to go. People say it cracks, eh maybe it has. but thats what the warrenty is for right??

    “had it longer then a year”

    The Good: awsome frame bought it last year in may had it since

    The Bad: NOTHIN at all

    Overall Review: still riding it had it for more then a year an its really good have done really big tricks an ride trails an street an everything you can really do to a bike lol throw it toss it bail an an no dents "knock on wood" but bought to get my bike painted soon but i would tell anyone to get it really

    “amazing frame”

    The Good: amazingly light, lifetime warranty, comes in 21 inch top tube, strong, integrated seat post clamp,

    The Bad: paint scratches easy otherwise nothing

    Overall Review: This frame holds up, i have had this frame for over 9 months and have had no problems at all i ride park dirt and some street, has held up for all i've dished out plus if it ever breaks which it probally wont i have the lifetime warranty that it comes with would reccomend to anyone amazing frame!

    “mate snapped”

    The Good: real light, 1 return lifetime warranty, well designed

    The Bad: if your big and ride heavy dont get any frame like this.

    Overall Review: mate snapped the top tube clean off, but he is pretty big and fat and lands heavy. if you ride smooth and light it will treat you amazing and hold out. everyone seems to put their warranty to the test, get a fucking deathtrap if you like premium, not snapping them for shit

    “my friend broke one”

    The Good: lightweight and lo profile if your into those things. great geometry

    The Bad: dents and cracks easy

    Overall Review: my friend had one for like 4 months and he snapped it at the weld on the seat tube but premiums warrenty was great and they sent him a new one.


    Headset Integrated
    Bottom Bracket Mid, 11.5" Height
    Top Tube Length 20.8" or 21"
    Chainstay Length 13.75"
    Head Tube Angle 75°
    Seat Tube Angle 71°
    Standover Height
    Brake Mount Location Seat Stays
    Dropouts 14mm
    Materials 100% Chromoly
    Colors Black, Red, or Raw

    3 lb 12 oz (1.7 kg)

    Price $410.00
    More Info Premium Products Website