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S&M B.T.M. Frame

Average User Rating: (Spectacular)
S&M B.T.M. Frame HoderGold
C70_hodergold C70_s_m_btm_trans_black C70_s_m_btm_trans_green

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    “Finally snapped but loved it.”

    The Good: Good geo for street and park riding. Slammed rear end helps with techy tricks or extend it for a good combination of tech and park style. The trans sky blue colorway looks awesome I got compliments all the time. I didn't have problems with paint chipping or fading like other people said however their reviews are older so I'm sure they had different colorways back then.

    The Bad: Nothing, the frame snapped after 2 years of use.

    Overall Review:

    I mainly do grinds among many other things. This is my 2nd s&m frame. The 1st, randy brown, snapped after it got passed down to three riders and lasted at least 2-3 years. My BTM actually lasted exactly 2 years. It snapped but I'm not mad because it lasted a long time and I got my money's worth. No doubt I will be getting another s&m soon, this time trying out the ATF.

    “Great Frame!”

    The Good: Strong, looks sick as fuck, I love the geometry, light, made in 'Murica, full chromoly.

    The Bad: Paint chips easily but mine isn't as bad as everyone else's seems to be. Other than that nothing.

    Overall Review: Really good frame with amazing geometry. It's really strong and the colors are really, really sick. It's made in America. Overall an amazing frame. If you like the geometry get it!

    “Great Frame”

    The Good: Color is sweet, frame is awesome for manuals the geometry is great at 21.25 and its strong frame

    The Bad: Can dent if you dont take care of it and throw it around, paint will eventually rub away or chip on grinds.

    Overall Review:

    Just overall a great frame probably one of S&M's better frame and it looks really dope.


    The Good: The BTM is a manual machine perfect for park also street

    The Bad: paint chips, clear coat cracks

    Overall Review:

    Pretty much the BTM is a frame made for big drops,fast spins,and on going manuals

    “such an amazing feeling frame compared to my old one.”

    The Good: weight, geo, seems pretty strong, the colour! , nice and roomy at 21.25tt

    The Bad: feels maybe too light i dont wanna break it ... its my first "real" bmx frame .. my previous frame was a stock mongoose frame(built like a tank). the spacer i had for my bb was too short even though it was the longest spacer in the box so im running my bb with no spacer between the bearings, no drilled holes for a gyro.

    Overall Review: when the frame arrived on monday and i saw the colour i thought the colour was rubbish .. then i took it outside and wow it looks soo amazing in the sunlight. . the frame has a great weight (i cant comment on strength yet but im sure its very,very strong.) the point of Manuel (or however its spelt) is nice and low .. i like that and it had a great short back end and you can use a really short bit of chain so it makes the bike even lighter. .i would say it costed a ton of cash but im very, very, very happy with it so far .. i would recommend it so far :D

    “Best frame I've owned”

    The Good: 1. Amazing machine. Bearing surfaces are PERFECT 2. Great geometry. I ride park and street the geo is perfect for long manuals, Just feels right

    The Bad: Paint fades if sh*t rubs against it

    Overall Review: My favorite frame that Ive ridden so far. I would recommend it to everybody

    “Better than gold, In trans-Gold!”

    The Good: Its a great frame, looks amazing, rides amazing and gets you bitches!

    The Bad: absolutely nothing.

    Overall Review: I reccommend this frame to everybody, i ride street, dirt, and park and this is a great overall frame! Very responsive and made in the USA!


    Headset Integrated Campy 45°/45°
    Bottom Bracket Mid 11.5"
    Top Tube Length 20.75", 21", 21.25"
    Chainstay Length 13.125"-13.5"
    Head Tube Angle 75°
    Seat Tube Angle 71°
    Standover Height
    Brake Mount Location Thread-On 990 Seatstay Mounts
    Dropouts 14mm Slot, 4Q-Baked
    Materials Butted True Temper SuperTherm Tubing
    Colors Translucent (Black, Gold, or Green)

    4 lb 10 oz (2.1 kg)

    Price N/A
    More Info S&M website