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S&M L.A.F. Frame

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S&M L.A.F. Frame L.A.F.

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    “S&M does it again!”

    The Good: Super strong for its weight, strong for any frame, great geometry an feel, made in USA! Super light and has a great response

    The Bad: Paint but that's it!

    Overall Review:

    The LAF is solid, Light As Fuck, but solid perfect street, park, dirt frame that helps huck goo sized shit due to the fact it weighs nothing! I love mine, go buy one!

    “Cracked head tube”

    The Good: It was good to go high on I had a 21" slighty to big for old skools 4 me feet came off pedals could get table on shoulder tho, but sometimes leg came up the frame not as easy as sandm dirt bike classic to do. nice didn't loop out to much on it when trying to go high.

    The Bad: Cracked head tube b4 weld on headset underneath, its old as tho third hand so ithink its done its time it cracked in the same place as my s&m dirt bike. I've had a dirt bros patriot inbetween its still solid as fuck just heavy with cups in bb and head set turned it into a snow bike with a skate board on the bottom of the forks and drop outs.

    Overall Review: Good bike just old and battered by the time i finished with it.


    The Good: light thats about it

    The Bad: cracked the headtube in under a year warrantied it for $150 and got another one, paint sucks to it flakes off so easily

    Overall Review: i really liked the geo but wasent that strong and paint sucked ass

    “one mans trash”

    The Good: Everything

    The Bad: i cant have sex with it

    Overall Review: i bought this frame for 60 dollars and i would have easily paid 100, Sucker!!!!!!!! its the best frame ive ever ridden..i really do enjoy my time on it. it is soo responsive. i love riding it and i love the control

    “Great frame”

    The Good: Ive had this frame for like 6 months and my friend that I bought it off of had it for a much longer time so it's pretty much an amazing frame but it's small on me so I'm getting a custom cardona frame

    The Bad: The bad is that the frame is too sweet

    Overall Review: Get it and ride it, you'll live it


    Bottom Bracket
    Top Tube Length
    Chainstay Length
    Head Tube Angle
    Seat Tube Angle
    Standover Height
    Brake Mount Location

    Built for smooth riders that want a super-light, responsive frame, the L.A.F. has a lower stand-over height and a steeper head angle than the Black Bike.

    • Steep 75° head angle
    • New 3/16” laser cut dropouts
    • Embossed open ended gusset
    • Engraved shield on head tube
    • Butted/air hardening SuperTherm tube set

    Price N/A
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