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Stolen Cherry Frame

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Stolen Cherry Frame 2011STLN-CHERRYBLACK
C70_2011stln_cherryblack C70_2011stln_cherryred

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    “3 Years and Still Going Strong!”

    The Good: This is a super strong light weight frame good for any type of riding. I ride mostly park and trails with it and i love it. This frame has lasted 3 years and I don't plan on getting a new one any time soon. This frame seems to be more balanced out than any other frame Ive ridden the weights not just all on the front end or back end its all equally balanced.

    The Bad: It has a few dents but what 4 pound frame wont dent. My bottom brackets also sticks out a little but other than that this frame is flawless

    Overall Review:

    Stolen has made an awesome frame that is super light while still being super strong. Good for all around riding.

    “Nate Swan Rides This frame!”

    The Good: Vortex down tube , full cromo. , it makes females moist !!

    The Bad: fuck the bad ! its only bad if you think it is !!

    Overall Review:

    This a super lightweight frame that i have been riding for a few years now and i love it tbh i dont think i couldve asked Stolen for a better frame ! So get you one of these puppies and make a the chicks at your skateparkhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4BJMcl6JbA8

    one of my videos!

    One of my videos!! ~Nate Swan
    *** make sure you get it in 21.0 though , Forsure ***

    “i have one”

    The Good: super light i really like the spiral on the down tube comes with chain tensionrs must use by the way or the frame get messed up

    The Bad: the biggest thing is the clear coat on the paint is rubbing off mostly off by now the frame is NOT dent resitent have a couple dents i grind kinda of alot but its held up very well

    Overall Review: great frame got it early december i have rode it since light crappy paint job but still rides great

    “Really Nice!”

    The Good: So light that when I first tried a 180, I accidentally did my first 360.

    The Bad: Doesn't come in 20.5, quad butted.

    Overall Review: I love it but it's really light so I recommend it for really good riders.

    “Stolen Cherry”

    The Good: Super light. Very innovative with the Vortex twisted downtube, tapered seat stays, D-shaped chain stays, Unique bottom bracket and Taper Lock drop outs. I love that it's heat treated so thats a definite plus for anyone looking at this frame.

    The Bad: Would be way better if it had a downtube gusset.

    Overall Review: Never really was a fan of Stolen but this frame changed my opinion. It's the perfect geo for me. It's a super techy frame with a ton of goodies. Stolen really thought this through and is one solid ass frame. Get at it !!!!!!1

    “PERtyy GUD”

    The Good: Light weigth, great GEO,,gud price

    The Bad: Dents easily

    Overall Review: This frame is pretty sturdyy , it gets the job done n it pretty light too... __ __ __ not a relly big fan of stolen but i can say this frame is worth its price!!>>>>> \__/

    “Amazing Frame”

    The Good: Vortex Downtube , D shaped Chainstays , Light (:

    The Bad: Price,Taper Lock ( They work great, just hard to put on back wheel at times )

    Overall Review: I've Case from about 9ft from a box jump 3 times and its been perfect! SUPER STRONG , taperlock gets annoying. Price is High! But at the end of the day, your frame wont be fucked up like a fitDak (;


    Headset Integrated (Campy)
    Bottom Bracket 11.7", MID, 68mm wide
    Top Tube Length 20.25", 20.6", or 21"
    Chainstay Length 13.25"
    Head Tube Angle 75°
    Seat Tube Angle 71°
    Standover Height
    Brake Mount Location Seatstay (removable)
    Dropouts 14mm slot, TaperLock anti-slip axle system implemented - peg friendly
    Materials Head treated post weld 4130 Chromoly
    Colors Matte Black or Matte Red

    4 lb 3.2 oz (1.9 kg)

    Miscellaneous Doublebutted top tube, Vortex down tube for dent resistance, 18mm D-shaped chainstays, Tapered seatstays, Removable brake mounts and cable guides, Integrated seat clamp
    Price N/A
    More Info Stolen website