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Sunday Conductor Frame

Average User Rating: (Excellent)
Sunday Conductor Frame sunday-conductor

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    “Sunday Conductor Frame. Excellent Frame”

    The Good: Sturdy construction and quality 41thermal tubing. I love gusseted frames, especially on the Dt/ht, so this fits the bill nicely. CS brake mounts are functionally better than SS brake mounts so if you run brakes (I don't), this frames for you. Long top tube length is great (I had the 21.25), very stable and yet responsive on all terrains. Good stable HT and seat tube angles. Also, I like the fact it doesn't have the wave DT, the frame is very clean yet sturdy looking.

    The Bad: The only thing I can say against this frame is that the DT gusset could be a little more ovalized (I never had and issue but this can be a point if stress and easier to crack the weld on a flatter gusset, than one who's weld "wraps" the DT more). Also the dropouts could stand to be a little thicker. Also, if running a brake, you must run at least a 28T sprocket, and even with a 28T it is almost rubbing already so it slaps quite a bit.

    Overall Review: Very solid frame, extremely stable and retains responsiveness because it's quite stiff. Personally I love the fact Sunday uses DT gussets, it Provides a considerable amount of strength to a high stress point of the frame, and lends some unique personality to the frame as well, nice to see companies do things like this since most frames today couldn't be more simple or similar to each other.... Although it's very strong, it remains quite light. This frame is fantastic in dirt and just as comfortable in street and park environments. Also the price is quite good. Buy this frame and you'll be very happy with it. If you're going to run a brake, make sure to get a 28+ tooth sprocket.

    “Great Frame”

    The Good: Solid, stiff frame that is exactly what should expected from a Sunday frame. It is basically a third wave frame without the waves and only marginal changes that aren't noticeably felt when riding. The main point worth pointing out is the placement of the brake posts. Going back to the chainstay for brake mounting is a definite plus! This location gives more stopping power and pull because of the geometery and leverage. I understand the need innovation, but it's good to see it go back to whats tried, true, and actually works.

    The Bad: I would have liked to see the internal Chain tensioners carried over to this frame to eliminate the need to run one or two tensioners on the back axle. Personal opinion, but the frame gusset at the head tube should have the "Wave" technology or come to more of an oval point at the back weld. This seems to be the weak spot on Sunday frames where I commonly see them crack or break. The oval point would disburse the weight across the sides rather than the one spot on the bottom tube where they break.

    Overall Review: Overall, the pro's out way the con's on this Conductor frame. This is my 4th Sunday frame and I have enjoyed all of them. The feel of these frames are different than most of the frames I have rode. I have 19 years of riding behind me and have rode alot of different frames. If you have read this review all the way to this point, than you obviously must have an interest in this frame. Most people don't ride at the level where you should worry about weak areas, as you mostly likely will not break parts. For those who do, know that these are durable frames but nothing is bullet proof in this world. All in all a fantastic product .


    Headset Integrated
    Bottom Bracket 11.8" Mid
    Top Tube Length 21″ or 21.25″
    Chainstay Length 14″ slammed
    Head Tube Angle 74.5°
    Seat Tube Angle 71°
    Standover Height
    Brake Mount Location Chainstay - NOTE: Designed to be used with 28t or larger sprocket
    Dropouts 14mm
    Materials 4130
    Colors Black Magic

    4 lb 9 oz (2.1 kg)

    Price N/A
    More Info Sunday website