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Sunday New Wavecrm Frame

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Sunday New Wavecrm Frame New Wavecrm

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“The new wave frame”

The Good: I just got this frame cheap from a friend. It feels really good and dialed. Really it's just a very good frame, the downtube looks great with the waves and the smaller tubes on the back end feel extremely robust. The whole area near the rear triangle looks soo sweet! I'll just saw off the brakemounts that arent removable and it's complete

The Bad: I thought that it looked really big and beefy but when u get a feel of it it's thinner where the diametre of the tube is bigger. It hasn't got removable brakemounts for us brakeless riders. Some may say that it's heavy, but compared to the new third wave the only difference is 200g not much at all.

Overall Review: Very good frame, would recommend it to anyone who has got the opportunity to get it cheap. Got mine for about 70 usd. I'm really happy with it. When I got it I accidentally cleaned it with a harder kind of dishbrush so the color got matte instead of glossy, like it better this way thou. I've got this frame in 21,25TT Sunday frames is always strong!

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“new wave frame”

The Good: strong, its a sunday!

The Bad: HEAVY HEAVY HEAVY, weighs 5lbs 6oz with brake mounts

Overall Review: good first aftermarket frame, good for street and heavy grinds, really isnt that heavy but makes it seem heavy compared to my grim reaper LOL

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Bottom Bracket
Top Tube Length
Chainstay Length
Head Tube Angle
Seat Tube Angle
Standover Height
Brake Mount Location


-74.5 degree head tube
-71 degree seat
-11.75" bottom bracket height
-13.75" rear end
-20", 20.5", 21" and 21.25" top tube sizes available.
-Mid bottom bracket shell
-Rustproof coating
-Weight: 5.3 lbs
-Available with or without gyro tabs
-Angled guides and bosses for improved cable routing
-Brakless option available
-New, double butted "New Wave" downtube shape fights denting
-Gusseted front triangle and fully welded downtube endings for maximum strength
-Miter-cut top tube increases the strength significantly over "sandwiched" junctions.
-Post-weld bearing seat machining on headtubes and BB shells for unparalled machining
-Hollow 8mm dropouts are the same weight as a solid 5mm version, but twice as strong.
-All the sharp areas on the dropouts are radiused to help during grinds
-41-Thermal processing and manufacturing
-Limited lifetime guarantee against bending and breaking

MSRP: $329.99
Featured color: toothpaste
Other colors:

matte brown



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