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Total BMX Hangover Frame

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Total BMX Hangover Frame Hangover Frame Red
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    “supa sweet frame”

    The Good: easier to whip. foot jams feel better. and for some reasons barspins got easier because you can pinch your seat with your calfs better

    The Bad: not a huge fan of the paint quality but whatever.

    Overall Review:

    one of my favorite frames so far. short back end is really nice. I have to disagree with people saying that its too low cut because I don't have any problems with it so far.

    “just too far”

    The Good: i rode this frame (well the 657 but they are almost identical) and from this i found that; really solid frame, hardly any flex at all lightweight good for footjams and jibbing around on coping

    The Bad: as soon as you try to actually send it and go big its all over the place, it feels great until you get about 2 feet above coping then it all changes, the geometry pushes you forwards so you are over the front wheel more, which is good for footjams but it also causes you to nose dive EVERYTHING it really is hard to ride so the bad points are; the standover is too low, it really doesn't help with anything, makes it really unstable and pushes you further over the front wheel the paint is really bad, mine was scuffed to the point of needing a repaint within about 10 sessions also i couldnt spin that quick on it, even with the shorter rear end it was way slower than my tierra

    Overall Review:

    good frame for jibbing about doing tech tricks but if you are the sort of guy who wants to send it at all or hit bigger stuff like big boxes, high airs ect its really good. too unstable because of the standover, bb height and rear end length which also leads to some appalling antihop at times and because its so out of balance it doesn't actually spin that fast, however it is strong and for technical mini ramp riding it is perfect.

    “Total Bmx Hangover”

    The Good: 3 sizes to choose from, being 20.4", 20.6" and 21", I ended up going with the 20.4" from a 20.6" really comfortable so far. 3 colours to choose from, Metallic Red, ED Black and Chrome, I ended up going with the Metallic Red it looks really nice liking it so far. 13" rear end which is really great if you run a 25/9 it'll work its way to 13.25" which is perfect. 7.4" stand over huge fan of lower frame so that again works great for me and for anyone else who likes lower stand over frames. Extremely stiff which is a big difference compared to running the Fly frames I used to run some of the Fly frames.

    The Bad: Nothing really, everything on this frame is well done.

    Overall Review:

    Strong, Light, Low, Responsive, great top tube sizes recommend to anyone wanting to try a new frame with these spec's !

    “Best frame ever”

    The Good: Reacts fast Strong Sick coler (Red)

    The Bad: no bad things yet

    Overall Review:

    i just got this frame and love it. i almost learnd 2 new things in 1 day so i think its this frame help

    And the coler is so great i put it in the sun and it was amazing !



    Headset Integrated
    Bottom Bracket Mid
    Top Tube Length 20.4/ 20.6/ 21"
    Chainstay Length 13-13.25"
    Head Tube Angle 75
    Seat Tube Angle 71
    Standover Height
    Brake Mount Location Seat Stay
    Dropouts 5mm thick heat treated
    Materials Japanese high quality Chromoly
    Colors Black ED/ Metallic Red/ Chrome

    4 lb 12 oz (2.2 kg)

    Price N/A
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