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United Mothership Frame

Average User Rating: (Excellent)
United Mothership  Frame mothership_frame_gussett
C70_mothership_frame_gussett C70_mothership_frame_all1 C70_mothership_frame_all C70_mothership_frame_purpblk_rt C70_mothership_frame_blk_lt C70_mothership_frame_nickel_rt

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    “Hella light”

    The Good: Strong sturdy frame ( takes my 16 stone!) hard wearing paint, excellent geography light

    The Bad: They don't make um anymore

    Overall Review: Really nice frame, helped my riding due to nice angles and length, love the oval down tube and chainstays!!

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    “one of my favorites”

    The Good: i have the heattreated one and i love it to death, its outragesly strong, i had it fall off my car when i was driving down the freeway and its still like new, and the geo are amazing i love the feeling when i go into a manual

    The Bad: nothing i can think of besides they stopped making the one i have

    Overall Review: its worth the money all the way and they look really sick when its complete. i say buy it and love it

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    “Pretty Good”

    The Good: The frame feels great really strong

    The Bad: CRACKED IN 4-5 months get the heat treated version

    Overall Review: Its a good frame and for the price with warranty after u crack it you get the benefit. GET THE BEACON!

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    “alright not the best”

    The Good: Good Geometery

    The Bad: I cracked it

    Overall Review: Had it for a year and a half and I have four cracks on it. I'm not a heavy rider. And the heat-treated version isn't as good either don't spend a extra $100 bucks for heat treated

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    “Difference Between”

    The Good: Sick measures, HT, hot colors, short chainstays (back end) and Nathan W. signature frame!

    The Bad: I don't know, never had issues with it.

    Overall Review: What's the difference between the flat black & orange frame that had the "Mothership" sticker on the bottom tube and the ones (red & flat black) with the "Mothership" sticker on the top tube?

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    Headset Integrated (Campy 45x45 Spec)
    Bottom Bracket Mid 11.8"
    Top Tube Length 20.5", 20.8", 21", 21.25"
    Chainstay Length 13.4" slammed
    Head Tube Angle 75°
    Seat Tube Angle 71°
    Standover Height
    Brake Mount Location Removable seatstay mount
    Dropouts 14mm 5mm thick with 2mm recess
    Materials 100% seamless Japanese 4130 cromo construction
    Colors Matte Black, Dark Nickel, High Gloss Dark Purple

    4 lb 9 oz (2.1 kg)

    Miscellaneous Nathan Williams Signature Frame
    Price $319.99
    More Info United website