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United Mothership v2 Frame

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United Mothership v2 Frame mothership_v2_burgundy_rt
C70_mothership_v2_burgundy_rt C70_united_mothership_v2_frame_white C70_mothership_frame_all1 C70_uniyed_ms_nik

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    “Best frame for $300”

    The Good: Extremely durable. Orange looks badass. Geo is perfect for my kind of riding. (Which is street) And it's not all that heavy.

    The Bad: Absolutely nothing. Despite having tiny paint chips on the seat post when I was trying to put the clamp on, but that was my fault for not taking the bolt out.

    Overall Review:

    This honestly the best frame for it's price, not too expensive but not dirt cheap. It can withstand anything it's thrown at and it will still stand strong. I'm not the lightest rider ever and it's still holding up, even with the impact I put on it. If you're looking for a frame that will last forever, this is it.

    “Mothership v2 in matt black”

    The Good: Frame holds up pretty good great for use at streat and the painting is also verry nicely done, real frame for street use!

    The Bad: not verry stable and the top tube stickers get loose after a while. Also my matt black version went from matt to gloss when riding in the sun a lot.

    Overall Review:

    Loved the frame for street use but if you also ride park and dirt I would not recomend it because it aint that stable. Its also verry short. but thats what I liked about it. It really did a great job for me was doing a lot of tricks to flat and the frame did not snap or was making a wierd sound. its a verry solid build frame and i guarranty you can do frame grinds on it without people noticing it when they look at it.

    “Love this frame!”

    The Good: The frames geometry is great! The feel of the bike is just solid. I love the chain stay size because when I tighten my chain I put the peg on so the bolt of the peg is inside the dropout and all I need to do is tighten the peg side first then the chain aoutmaticly tightens up to a prefect tightness but besides that I love the frame the bottom tube looks great and I get a strong feeling from the ovalized part near the bottom bracket. It's a strong frame and I definitly recommend it

    The Bad: The only bad thing I can say about this frame is the burgundy color looks terrible I thought at first I would like it and I did but when it's in the sun it gets a musty brownish look to it and its just terrible

    Overall Review:

    Get the frame you won't regret it just watch out for the burgundy color


    The Good: good geometry really strong i had it for a year with some pretty bad crashes and theres still no cracks LOOKS SEXY AS FUCK

    The Bad: just some minor dents if u grind a lot seattube height sorta short

    Overall Review:


    “Get it or you will regret it.”

    The Good: This is a truly awesome frame. I have only have ridden it one day (today), but when I got on it for the first time it was like I was instantly comfortable on it. I really like the flat black color. It is a super solid feeling frame, yet it is light enough and has the perfect geometry to throw it around for spins and stuff. I went for a 360 to fakie on a wedge, and pretty much landed a 540. I have never had or even landed any 540s. It's legit.

    The Bad: None really, the flat black scratches kind of easily. I messed up my "M" in Mothership (on the top tube) when my foot missed a can-can footjam

    Overall Review:

    Overall, this is a dope, strong, comfortable frame; and its all at a great price. I look forward to riding this frame for a long time.


    The Good: It has really nice Geo. A Short backend that isn't to short to the point of it being twitchy and unstable. It doesn't dent very easy even though ive given it some lov'in. The 20.8 feels really good with a short backend because it doesn't feel "Cramped." The Headtube angle feels good and stable. The Frame itself is super poppy and strong and makes all tricks feel super smooth and super dialed.

    The Bad: The Top Tube Stickers are shit. They get torn and mangled as soon as you put it on. Also i got it in Burgundy and it looks terrible.

    Overall Review:

    It's a really dope frame and i feel right at home on it. It makes all trickseasier just because the way the frame is set up, short backend but not unstable, and a 20.8 feels super sturdy. If you are getting this frame get it in 20.8 and MAKE SURE you don't get Burgundy.

    “Not bad....”

    The Good: Nice geometry, going strong so far

    The Bad: The colour The stickers

    Overall Review:

    The frame geo is decent and no problems so far, however i cracked my v1 mothership pretty easily so i hope this lasts longer.

    The stickers came straight off they are rubbish

    I got the burgandy colour and regret it because it is brown

    “Love it: rides so good.”

    The Good: Super easy to become comfortable on, the welds.

    The Bad: the graphics suck ass, the seat clamp.

    Overall Review: So had it for around 4 weeks and absolutely love it. It rides amazing on street,park and even dirt.The frame has very nice geo so anyone can get used to it super qucik and feel at home. It takes everything i throw at it with ease. However the frame does have a couple of issues. Firstly the graphics suck ass; they are pretty much just crappy stickers that peel of if you're not careful. Secondaly the seat clamp bolt is too short and to get my seat clamp on i had to wack the seat clamp down with a rubber mallet which caused a scuff mark where the seat clamp sits which i was not too pleased about. So if you want a light, great geo and strong frame get one!


    Headset Integrated 45° x 45°
    Bottom Bracket Mid
    Top Tube Length 20.5, 20.8, 21 & 21.25
    Chainstay Length 13.6 in to centre (13.3 in slammed)
    Head Tube Angle 75°
    Seat Tube Angle 71°
    Standover Height
    Brake Mount Location Seat Stay (Removable)
    Dropouts 14mm slots / 5mm wide
    Materials 100% seamless Japanese 4130 cromo construction
    Colors Flat Black on Black, Purple Black, Burgundy, White

    4 lb 14.3 oz (2.2 kg)

    Miscellaneous The all new Nathan Williams signature United Mothership v2 Frame. It’s been a while, and the time is finally here to release the second incarnation of Nathan’s signature frame. The popularity of the first version came as no surprise, and we wanted to take our time to really put out a second version that took into consideration Nathan’s ever evolving set ups and riding. Using all the experience we have built up in the years of producing frames, we feel that we have come up with something that not only looks better than ever before, but also performs like it. A whole new custom down tube which is entirely round in diameter at the head tube (providing the strongest junction for welding) and then ovalizes as it goes down towards the bottom bracket to provide greater dent resistance in key areas. A full new beefed up tube set throughout the frame, new seat tube/top tube junction with invest cast seat clamp, an invest cast seat stay brace that follows the exact profile of a tyre to give the best clearance possible, a new shape wider bottom bracket which provides a stiffer and more spread apart chain stay junction for increased strength, new dropouts, all built around proven geometry, and backed by Mr Williams.
    Price $319.99
    More Info United website