Volume Mystery Machine Frame (discontinued)

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Volume Mystery Machine Frame mystery-red1
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    “Mystery Machine!!!”

    The Good:

    Very strong frame, perfect geometry. It can take a hit. If you ride it without pegs like me it will hold for a looong time.

    The Bad:

    Paint and colors could be a little better, but doesn't matter.

    Overall Review:

    Super frame, I have it for like 7 months and it's holding great. No dents or cracks.

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    Vital BMX member BornaE
    107747 BornaE http://p.vitalbmx.com/photos/users/107747/avatar/c50_Untitled_1377697785.jpg?1377696977 http://www.vitalbmx.com/community/BornaE,107747/all 08/28/13 2

    “i love this frame i got it during X-mas”

    The Good:

    i like the volume sign on the head tube

    The Bad:

    havent found any yet

    Overall Review:

    i love it it is very strong and have a sick look i have it in blue and very satisfide with it i payed 319 and it was worst more i think

    Overall Review:

    i love it it is very strong and have a sick look i have it in blue and very satisfide with it i payed  319 and it was worst more i think

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    Vital BMX member Chicken Hawk
    92619 Chicken Hawk http://p.vitalbmx.com/photos/users/92619/avatar/c50_100_0364.jpg?1334099249 http://www.vitalbmx.com/community/Chicken-Hawk,92619/all 04/10/12 2 17 12 http://www.vitalbmx.com/community/Chicken-Hawk,92619/setup 2 17 2 3

    “Mystery machine”

    The Good:

    Great geometry and colors . Feels strong. Looks amazing.

    The Bad:

    Dents EXTREMELY easy!!!!!!! I have 8 dents after riding it for almost a month. Its ridiculous!

    Overall Review:

    Frame is overall very good except for the denting. If ur big and heavy , dont buy it. If u ride alot of street and do alot of grinding like me, theres no way u should get this frame. This frame is good for riding dirt and pegless park rats. And street riding if u dont grind much. Dissapoints me cause this frame is my favorite so far in color and geometry but it cant really take a beating.

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    Vital BMX member JacobBush
    98540 JacobBush http://p.vitalbmx.com/photos/users/98540/avatar/c50_wallride.jpg?1350798868 http://www.vitalbmx.com/community/JacobBush,98540/all 09/20/12 2 1 1

    “Mystery Machine”

    The Good:

    It feels good to ride and the tall ST is sweet, also the longer cs makes it pretty stable. Top and Downtube Gussets. Fly EBS is great.

    The Bad:

    DENTS SUPER EASY. I've dented this frame in the past week more than I have any other frame ever. Kinda bummed on how easy it dents.

    Overall Review:

    Pick it up if you are not at much of a risk to dent it. I'm going with a Sunday with wave tubing next time

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    Vital BMX member catfish95
    49990 catfish95 http://p.vitalbmx.com/photos/users/49990/avatar/c50_bawlz.jpg?1330748724 http://www.vitalbmx.com/community/catfish95,49990/all 08/29/09 25 3 1 http://www.vitalbmx.com/community/catfish95,49990/setup 90 4088 106 4 6


    Headset Integrated (45°X45° Campy Spec)
    Bottom Bracket Mid
    Top Tube Length 20.5″ 20.75″ & 21″
    Chainstay Length 13.75″ (13.5″ Slammed)
    Head Tube Angle 75°
    Seat Tube Angle 71°
    Standover Height
    Brake Mount Location EBS. Slides on and locks in (seatstay)
    Dropouts Heat Treated, 4mm thick 14mm slots
    Materials Made from full 4130 CRMO, heat treated Sanko tubing. Top and bottom tubes internally butted for extra strength.
    Colors Red, Chrome, Flat Black & Flat Blue

    4 lb 15 oz (2.2 kg)

    Price N/A
    More Info Volume website

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