BSD Front Street Front Hub

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Made for the streets, made to last!

The Good:

I love this hub, already had it for about two years and it's AWESOME, bolts and inner axle are strong AF and i'm pretty hard with nosepicks, smiths and hangers, with the correct bearings it spins forever. Oh yeah, and the bsd jersey barrier hubguard it's niiiice af where you need speed on rails and ledges.

The Bad:

The only bad thing I can say about this hub are the cones, they're press fit but it's pretty, pretty hard to take them off to put the hubguard. Annd the stock bearings aren't the best, but get some Primo on them and they're cool (This hub uses the same bearing as the Primo Mix, they're made to last) Besides that, nothing more

Overall Review:

Get this hub, Ride this hub, LOVE this hub, it's amazing, strong, light, fast, what more do you want? Also it's BSD, you know it's made for the streets.

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Vital BMX member H4RD2B4N
148424 H4RD2B4N,148424/all 03/30/17 1 2 1

Bsd frontstreet pro

The Good:

Looks very nice. Bolts that come with it are strong Has the option for Hub Guards

The Bad:

I had this hub for a year and within the first month the bearings had already worn out, i figured it wasnt that big of a deal because id been smashing smith grinds constantly for a week but i got new bearings from my local bearing shop and they also popped close to a month, ended up going through 7 sets of bearings and I guess they could have all been dodgy but the hub might need bigger bearings. The guards that came with it bend a deformed very easy, within a month, I replaced them after since they were rubbing on spokes and stopping the wheel from moving smoothly but they didnt last much longer. I dont mash hubguards either my current wheel (cinema vx front) has barely any dents or chunks out of the guards. Might just be me but 2 of my friends had the same problem. Bolts binded to the hub even with grease, same with the cone nuts.

Overall Review:

My experience has been bad with bearings but the axle hasnt broken. I have hammered the wheel and the axle has held up, very impressive but apart from that it seems to be personal problems with the hub as the other reviews said their hubs were flawless.

→BSD Front Street Hub←

The Good:

Pretty good hub, good bearings in it, looks good, and very affordable. Takes a beating with no problem, and also has a hub guard that fits it perfectly.

The Bad:

Had a semi-difficult time getting the cone off to put the hub guard on.

Overall Review:

This is a great hub for any street rider on a budget that needs something strong. Had it for a while and haven't had anything to complain about except the difficulty of getting the cone off (a problem with all female hubs anyway). Rolls great, looks great, costs little - what more could you ask for??

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Vital BMX member ajdahomie
99853 ajdahomie,99853/all 10/25/12 1 6 4

the best hub out

The Good:

everything its strong its smooth and nice colours and the engraved BSD is awesome as detail

The Bad:

nothing but nothing

Overall Review:

a great hub id recommend it to anybody looking for a new front hub. its just amazing

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Vital BMX member jeremy.calliss.560
106700 jeremy.calliss.560,106700/all 07/03/13 1 3,106700/setup 2 4 80 7

A great hub!

The Good:

Bearings are good, hub can be tightened down pretty hard, and axle seems to be holding up great as most female hubs do.

The Bad:

Nothing on this hub is really bad, except my cones are hard to get off to install the specific hubguard.

Overall Review:

The bearings in these last long, won't blow out if tightened pretty hard, the axle is strong, and the specific hubguards work great on this! Better than the Odyssey Vandero 2 hub for sure!

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Vital BMX member isnowyaznV2
95706 isnowyaznV2,95706/all 06/29/12 11,95706/setup 183 4705 29 30 5

Solid hub!

The Good:

I have the polished and it looks outstanding. Super sturdy and spins like magic.

The Bad:

I have to use an impact driver to get the bolts off.....BUT that is mainly my fault because I don't like my parts coming loose.

Overall Review:

I fell in love with this tank of a front hub. I recommend it to EVERYONE. Super strong and I trust it insanely. GO BUY ONE!

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Vital BMX member John_Blizzard
78753 John_Blizzard,78753/all 05/01/11 1,78753/setup 4 30 11 13

smooth hub

The Good:

this hub glides instead of spins. it is so smooth and it just keeps spinning. i love it. everyone that sees the female axles says they dont like it but this thing can handle anything

The Bad:

hard to get the cones of the sides to get on the hubguard for it

Overall Review:

amazing. i would recommend this hub to anyone.

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Vital BMX member 412 crew
88999 412 crew,88999/all 01/02/12 12


Product BSD Front Street Front Hub
Riding Type Freestyle
Type Front
Front Hub Shell Construction 6061 T6 aluminium shell
Front Axle 3/8"
Front Axle Construction
Front Hub Spoke Count 36
Front Hub Bearing Quality/Type High quality sealed 6902 bearings
Rear Hub Shell Construction N/A
Drive Style
Rear Hub Axle Size
Rear Axle Construction N/A
Rear Hub Spoke Count N/A
Rear Hub Bearing Quality/Type N/A
Drive Side
Driver Size
Colors Black, polished silver, red, purple, blue, gold
Weight 0 lb 8.6 oz (245 g)
Price N/A

A straight up super tough front hub capable of taking whatever you can dish out. The heat treated Cromo axle will keep your bearings running smooth unlike the weaker alloy axled counterparts….

- Push together cones pull off and hubguard pushes on

- BSD Front Street hubguard available separately

More Info

BSD website

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