Colony Clone Front Hub

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    “Pretty good hub”

    The Good:

    Looks sweet,rolls good,female axle. Plus its colony. It also isn't too expensive.

    The Bad:

    Linda on the heavy side but thats about it.

    Overall Review:

    I overall recommend this hub to anyone.

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    Vital BMX member superpro
    91994 superpro,91994/all 03/24/12 3

    “Alright hub”

    The Good:

    rolled good, lasted me alongtime & now friends running it, over 2 years old!

    The Bad:

    when landed on sideways it made a terible sound that irritated me alot

    Overall Review:

    It hasgod & bad but if you want it, get it

    “sick hubs”

    The Good:

    there good but not the bested hubs

    The Bad:

    there a bit heavy

    Overall Review:

    i think that they should be $70 because people aready sell them for $60

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    Vital BMX member steven.howe.315
    94965 steven.howe.315,94965/all 06/08/12 2

    “Really strong hub!!”

    The Good:

    It's a really strong hub riding it for 7 months and i'm grinding on both sides with it without hubguard and it's strong as hell!

    The Bad:

    nothing it's bad about it only cause it's a bit heavy (284g not 270g) but it rocks!

    Overall Review:

    Go and buy this hub because it rocks and also really awesome colours! If this one will get broke i'll get another one the same.

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    Vital BMX member Francisc228
    81045 Francisc228 /images/default/avatar/c50.png,81045/all 06/19/11,81045/setup 7 2

    “Great Ceramic hub”

    The Good:

    Female bolts, Ceramic bearings, wide variety of colors slick and smooth when riding. over all great hub really light also, ridiculously long bolts.

    The Bad:

    pain in the a** to lace with the low flanges (then again what wheel isnt a pain in the a**?) finding the right spoke length cause its fairy new (dans comp told me 190 wrong! TIP told me 186 WRONG!)

    Overall Review:

    so far the best front hub i have ever bought for the price i payed so if you ever want to lace this hub to a Alienation PBR use 188mm spokes!

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    Vital BMX member sixsixone
    43368 sixsixone,43368/all 04/24/09 1 4,43368/setup 4 17 37 1


    Shell Construction Alloy 6061T6 alloy shell.
    Axle Female bolt style with CrMo axle for strength.
    Bearing Type Sealed bearings.
    Hole Count 36
    Colors Purple, Black, Red, Blue & Polished

    0 lb 9.5 oz (270 g)

    Price N/A
    More Info Colony website

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