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Kink VIridian II Front Hub

Average User Rating: (Good)
Kink VIridian II Front Hub hubs_viridian2_blu
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    “Probably one of the worst front hubs in BMX history.”

    The Good: The low flanges, colors, and logos.

    The Bad: Cheap press-fit axle hardware, 2 thin sucky bearings, fixed axle side.

    Overall Review:

    I hate how the hub has light, cheap press-fit bearing cones. You can barely tighten the hub down before it starts to slow down and compress the bearings like hell. Threaded axle hardware is way better and more precise, allowing you to tighten as much as you want, and still have the hub spin almost like a dream; but in general, other decent press-fit hubs are still MUCH, much better. I blew out the Kink Viridian 1 twice over a 2 week period. I got the Viridian 2 as a free warranty and blew it out just a couple weeks ago. I ride 4 pegs and ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO tightenthe thing down so it won't shift/move/etc. Press-fit cones and internal bearing spacer were also a bitch to remove and install. I blew out the bearing only on the non-fixed side. The "non-main grind side" stayed fine through about another 2-3 bearing changes for the non-fixed side. I had the Viridian 1 for about over a year, and the Viridian 2 still currentling running for about half a year. I'd say that this thing is even worse than the super crappy Demolition Anorexia hub which is also one of the worst BMX hubs in history.

    “Not great for pegs”

    The Good: Light, I got it on sale so it was cheap.

    The Bad: Everything else. I had it for maybe 4 months pegless, and it worked fine. Then I finally started running pegs and the grind side bearing busted the first time I tried to smith a ledge. It doesn't spin very long, and I don't really like the way it looks

    Overall Review: I guess okay if you're pegless, but I definitely won't buy it again.

    “terrible hub.”

    The Good: it's light and strong

    The Bad: spins fucking terrible

    Overall Review: I had this for a week before the bearings decided to go to shit, they're way too small. had it for about 3 months tops and finally had the shits of it barely spinning, I had to keep it just over hand tight if I wanted it to spin decently. thanks kink for making me waste $50

    “kink viridian”

    The Good: light and simple

    The Bad: small bearings

    Overall Review: dont recommend to anyone who rides full street or heavy on grinds. my bearings got messed up in less then 6 months of riding. parts are not made for individual sale like the axle is on primo hubs. and its expensive. not worth the money in my opinion.

    “kink viridian reviewed”

    The Good: everything you could want for a front hub holds up to smith grinds, pretty light, and rolls forever

    The Bad: a little more expensive and not to much styling, its a simple design; i guess some people like that but i like the look of the simple eject and the tree straight pull front hubs

    Overall Review: i would highly recommend this hub. it holds to everything i through at it and rolls without making noises


    Shell Construction Full CNC 7075-T6 Aluminum
    Axle Hollow 15mm 7075-T6 Aluminum
    Bearing Type 2 Precision Sealed Bearings
    Hole Count 36
    Colors Blue, Bronze, Black, Battleship Grey, Crimson Red

    0 lb 6.9 oz (196 g)

    Price N/A
    More Info Kink website