Shadow Conspiracy Raptor Front Hub

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Shadow Conspiracy Raptor Front Hub 103-06280_TSC_RaptorFrontHub_Black
C70_103_06280_tsc_raptorfronthub_black C70_104_06280_tsc_raptorfronthub_highlighterblue C70_105_06280_tsc_raptorfronthub_white C70_114_06280_tsc_raptorfronthub_rawpolish C70_126_06280_tsc_raptorfronthub_purple C70_139_06280_tsc_raptorfronthub_crimsonred C70_109_06280_tsc_raptorfronthub_permablue C70_148_06280_tsc_raptorfronthub_copper
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    “terrible front hub”

    The Good:

    it looks good and that's about it

    The Bad:

    doesn't spin good

    Overall Review:

    ive had this hub for 6 months and its shit. I don't ride hard at all and it doesn't even spin anymore all it does it make a grinding noise and it spins for about 2 seconds. pretty pist considering I just bought new bearings and axel and it still doesn't work. wouldn't recommend it get something that is worth the money...... not impressed shadow....

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    Vital BMX member Frazz456
    111302 Frazz456,111302/all 04/23/14 23 54 1 3 1

    “nice shadow =perfect”

    The Good:

    strong ,smooth,holds for whatever

    The Bad:

    if you use a 5/8 the bolts will strip

    Overall Review:

    id recomend it i run front and back raptors and there amazing

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    Vital BMX member landonbmx
    60720 landonbmx,60720/all 04/26/10 2 3 1 2

    “loved this hub”

    The Good:

    this hub did me a good deal this was my second hub i ever had i got rid of cause i needed the money and my new wheels i buil up i have the shadow rant front hub but i miss this one it is a tank if you need a hub get this one

    The Bad:

    absolutley nothing.

    Overall Review:

    amazing hub strong ass hell.... strongest female hub on the market

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    Vital BMX member brandonlatcheran
    31449 brandonlatcheran /images/default/avatar/c50.png,31449/all 10/02/08 2,31449/setup 13 6

    “very pleased”

    The Good:

    After having my awful Vandero 2 hub riding with this hub re-enlightened me with what is feels like to have a smooth running hub, spins for ages, the chrome colour looks amazing, i run mine with the correponding shadow conspiracy hubguards on either side which makes the hub look even better

    The Bad:

    the bolts it comes with are 15mm which is fairly annoying seeing as i now have to bring two size sockets with me when im outriding instead of the usual 17mm

    Overall Review:

    Great hub, would recommend to anyone

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    Vital BMX member Lewis_Whitehouse
    88407 Lewis_Whitehouse,88407/all 12/16/11 1 1 3 9


    Shell Construction 2014 alloy hub body / 7075 collars
    Axle 14mm chromoly center axle with 3/8" bolts
    Bearing Type 2 sealed bearings
    Hole Count 36 hole only
    Colors Black, White, Crimson Red, Purple, Highlighter Blue, Raw Polish, Perma Blue, Copper

    0 lb 9.1 oz (258 g)

    Price N/A
    More Info Shadow Conspiracy website

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