Alienation Ratchet Grips (discontinued)

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Alienation Ratchet Grips ratchet_pink
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    “"what is the guy below me on about?"”

    The Good:

    they have amazing grip and come in many colours. i have odi's aswell and these and i would say that when dry these have more grip, however in sweet the odi's are better.

    The Bad:

    nothing apart from less grip one way from the other (forward and back).

    Overall Review:

    i would say that they are worth the money as they do not wear and have good grip!


    Length 145mm
    Materials A25 Super Soft Kraton Single Density Rubber
    Colors Grey, Olive Green, Maroon, Pink, Purple, Swirled Play-Doh


    Price N/A
    More Info Alienation website