Alienation Ratchet Grips (discontinued)

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Alienation Ratchet Grips ratchet_pink
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    "what is the guy below me on about?"

    The Good:

    they have amazing grip and come in many colours. i have odi's aswell and these and i would say that when dry these have more grip, however in sweet the odi's are better.

    The Bad:

    nothing apart from less grip one way from the other (forward and back).

    Overall Review:

    i would say that they are worth the money as they do not wear and have good grip!

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    Vital BMX member mooserverte
    85187 mooserverte,85187/all 09/23/11 1 5 24 166 6 2 1


    The Good:

    only if you like no grip and blisters

    The Bad:

    i ate shit alot from my hands slipping off

    Overall Review:

    just dont buy them and thyre overpriced

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    Vital BMX member trudat-uabug
    72803 trudat-uabug,72803/all 12/11/10 5,72803/setup 2 4 15 1


    Product Alienation Ratchet Grips
    Riding Type Freestyle, Racing
    Materials A25 Super Soft Kraton Single Density Rubber
    Length 145mm
    Type Flange
    Colors Grey, Olive Green, Maroon, Pink, Purple, Swirled Play-Doh
    Weight N/A
    Price N/A
    More Info

    Alienation website