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Cult DAK Grips

Average User Rating: (Very Good)
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    “thin but pretty soft”

    The Good: very thin which gives you a really nice feel of the bike soft rubber so they absorb impact well even with the thin rubber hands stick to them like glue providing you put a little chalk or dust on your palms decent length

    The Bad: the bar ends suck, just replace them straight away, its easier they wear out quicker than normal due to them being thinner to begin with

    Overall Review:

    i really like these grips, probably my current favorites. they feel almost identical to the fit repeater grips which for me is a good thing. basically if you are after thinner feeling grips get these if not buy something else, also make sure you either chalk or dust your hands before riding, stops sweat getting on your grips so they dont get slippy

    “My Favorite Grips”

    The Good: Nice and comfy, squishy, grippy, saved my hands! Cult Vans grips destroyed my hands once they were worn, and these fixed them.

    The Bad: Nothing! would be cool if they were maybe 155 to 160 long but they're nice.

    Overall Review:

    If you have injuries on your hands, these are the way to go. And even if not, I would suggest these to anyone.

    “Favorite Grips”

    The Good: My hands got thrashed when i ran any grip with a Mushroom style grip (ODIs) and these solved the problem. Super Comfy on the hands because the midsection has a trapezoidal pattern that doesn't make you slide off even with sweaty hands! The outside of the grip has a notched circle that feels good if you clutch close for tricks like bar-spins. After about a month or so of solid riding they break in to your hand super comfy like a sponge and I've never slipped off plus they never move from where they were.

    The Bad: The Bar ends are Shwaaaaaaaap. Get torn to shreds, Grab a pair of Odyssey Par ends. Wish they were a little bit longer( i stretched mine and they are perfect)

    Overall Review:

    These Grips are prime. I've ridden them for about 1/2 a year and i don't plan on ever switching them. If you don't want grips that will destroy your hands get these.

    “DAK Cult Shit”

    The Good: Look good. Feel amazing, Soft and Grippy, and have a good length. The flanges feel amazing!

    The Bad: Felt shitty when my hands were sweaty at first but for some reason it stopped slipping

    Overall Review:

    These grips may look like they suck but theyre actuallyamazing . When sweaty theyre just like my ODIs and Duo Bohans so they still shed sweat. The flanges feel great especially when doing long ass sliders with a freecoaster or spin tricksand these things GRIP. Dont be skeptical and buy a pair you wont be disappointed

    “terrible grips”

    The Good: the only good thing about these grips is the thickness for impact

    The Bad: the bad well everything 1. there is no grip to the outer part of the grips and when you try to bunny hop with them your hands slip off , 2. the inner part of the grips wont even stay still meaning when you try to bunny hop or do anything they slip off or slide down on your handle bars .

    Overall Review: all in all do not waist your money and buy these things for your bike there completely dangerous i just put them on today and i hurt myself just practicing my bunny hops because of them x-x

    “i dont like them”

    The Good: they are some what soft

    The Bad: they are SUPER slippery, were down kind of fast

    Overall Review: i dont reccomend these grips, i love cult but they didnt do that well on these grips.




    Miscellaneous dakota roche signature grip. odi rubber compound. available in black, gum, orange, and white
    Price $10.99
    More Info Cult website