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Cult DEHART Grips

Average User Rating: (Excellent)
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    “waste of money :”

    The Good: they comfortable and beautiful kinda..

    The Bad: they rip after 5 rides, they weak,and the barends shitty !!

    Overall Review:

    waste of money to buy this grips, go on the regular odi's and that's all .

    “They work i guesse”

    The Good: They are long ,grippy, and falangless, I also like the idea of the design

    The Bad: The bar ends suck hardcore, and they get worn out very quickly, but you can flip them so they are backwards and you can switch sides so they last about a month or two for hardcore riders.

    Overall Review:

    good for a while but the bad and definitely not ugly, love the feel and look and just want to meow all day long, take that how you want.

    “Nice grips”

    The Good: Soft, flangeless, nice pattern

    The Bad: Bar ends are shit

    Overall Review:

    They feel good on your hands and doesn't get all sweaty in summer time, but they get worn out a little bit every time you ride. If you ride hard all day everyday, they might not last you more than 2 weeks.

    “Lovin' sosa.”

    The Good: Mega comfy.

    The Bad: Ripped easy as hell. Worse than my odyssey grips.

    Overall Review:

    They dont get all sweaty and what not. feel just awesommeeeeee.. Mmrmrmmm

    “Pretty amazing grips”

    The Good: They feel amazing, i also am a fan of long grips

    The Bad: I was fairly disappointed with Chase for these, because with him being such a burly street rider, i would expect something a lot stronger/longer lasting.

    Overall Review:

    Really like the comfort and length, not necessarily the life of them though.


    The Good: they look really good plus thinner and longer then most grips which is good because u get a better feel of the bars just ordered some in so they better feel good

    The Bad: the bar ends are shit apparently.

    Overall Review:

    so far they look bloody amazing, and being longer will be better because when i do no handed stuff i tend to grab the edge of my grips and partly the actual handle bar




    Miscellaneous when you are particular about your grips, you should have your own. dehart does. available in black, orange, red, white
    Price $10.99
    More Info Cult website