Cult FAITH Grips

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    “Best cult grips ive ridden”

    The Good: Theyre long comfy and look cool

    The Bad: Nothing so far

    Overall Review:

    The smooth side might seem weird and not grippy when you look at them but i really like it and it feels nice. Give em a try.


    The Good: they are comfy both ends and very grippy and they are alright with sweat.

    The Bad: the ribbed side wears down so quick the first time i used them they wore down so u could see the shape of my hand in them clearly.

    Overall Review: the non-ribbed side is comfy and doesnt wear down as quick as the ribbed side. well grips are grips only need to change when at the bar on most of the grip overall good grips!


    The Good: Theyre long, lots of colors and they look pretty dope

    The Bad: I hate the grip on these! I live in a humid place and i cant grip either side of these. I cant get used to these im slipping everywhere. The bar ends blow which im sure you all know

    Overall Review: They feel alright when my hands are dry but once i get a bit of sweat im slipping. I might throw them backm on when its not as humid but im not sure yet.

    “Best grips out there!”

    The Good: Soft, grippy, feel good, lots of colors, look nice, and they don't wear quick.

    The Bad: Come with the worst bar-ends in the history of the world.

    Overall Review: Get them. Better than ODIs.




    Miscellaneous proudly made in the usa by odi. krayton rubber with plastic grip ends. flangeless design allows to be run either way. available in black, gum, orange, and white
    Price $10.99
    More Info Cult website