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Cult VANS Grips

Average User Rating: (Excellent)
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    “Novelty grips”

    The Good: Feel average look good

    The Bad: Gummy and much too soft. made a big hole after 6 months

    Overall Review:

    If you want grips for performance and durability, don't get these grips. These are for novelty in my opinion.

    “quite disappointed...”

    The Good: Vans waffle design is sweet

    The Bad: Calluse creator, wore down quick, never stayed in place (twisting back and forth wise)

    Overall Review:

    Love Cult but Honestly one of the worse products they have. Just get ODIs

    “not the best”

    The Good: comfy as fuck

    The Bad: they suck for sweaty hands they move when you pull up

    Overall Review:

    do not get this is you have sweaty hands

    if you don't have sweaty hands, get them, they are comfy, just suck with sweat

    they also move so if you dont like grips that move, don't get em

    “Pretty decent grips.”

    The Good: They grip well and don't wear out that quick.

    The Bad: Some pairs can be quite sticky and too soft, causing more calluses than being soft on the hands. The bar ends are as crappy as the plastic ODI's, so be sure to grab something better bar ends.

    Overall Review:

    A decent grip, but some pairs may not always come out exactly right.

    “An all around grip”

    The Good: •Very grippy even when your hands get sweaty. •Once you ride with them on for a few days they'll become really comfy! •Creative design •Durable

    The Bad: The bar ends blow.. but the review is about the grip so I won't down on it for that reason.

    Overall Review:

    If you're looking for a grip that will last you through quite a long time, is pretty comfy, and won't slip that easily, then this grip is for you, but pick up a different set of bar ends because the Cult ones suck.

    “Very soft good”

    The Good: Very soft, comfortable, when your hands are sweaty they don't slip. Feels good touching it.

    The Bad: Bar end are very shitty, after few crashes they'll broke.

    Overall Review:

    If you want comfortable and if you don't care about lifetime because they wear pretty fast.

    “good grips”

    The Good: they are really comfy , they don't give blisters and feel amazing. the grips look nice and are a good length. also they don't wear down.

    The Bad: when sweaty they loose a lot of grip, they twist and move easily and the bar end isn't the best

    Overall Review:

    i would recommend these grips too someone who does not get sweaty hands and also people who want nice looking comfy grips that last a long time , overall they were a good buy . shame bar ends are not so good




    Miscellaneous after wearing vans for most of our lives, we wanted to see if the vans waffle pattern would work as well with our hands as it has with our feet. the grip was designed by cult and sent to odi for production. using their proprietary rubber compound, we have created a grip that we hope will become as much of a classic as a pair of vans. available in black, gum, orange, and white
    Price $10.99
    More Info Cult website