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Cult VANS Grips

Average User Rating: (Excellent)
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    “These aren't seriously made for shoes?”

    The Good: The amount of colours, They wear in in about a day, You can stretch them easily The patterns really cool and just different from your average grip They're really soft but also quite thick Last really long I've had mine in the gum colour for about 4 months+ easily

    The Bad: The bar ends are absolutely wank' they'll last a week before they look like the processed poo of a human centipede Something I found really frustrating is that they feel or the softness changed and varied depending on the colour of the grip for example the white colour was really soft and squidgy but the gum colour was just right not to hard but not to soft ?

    Overall Review:

    Great grips, they're unique, last forever, FLANGLESS!!!, for Christs sake they have a a vans waffle sole could you get much better aha

    “Cult Van grips”

    The Good: Really stretchy and pretty soft

    The Bad: Bad for sweaty hands

    Overall Review:

    The grips don't wear very quick, maybe last you a month, maybe two and are really stretchy. I've never used the bar ends so I couldn't tell you about those but if you have sweaty hands these grips aren't for you.

    “Worst Grips I've Ever Ridden”

    The Good: They're thick and squishy

    The Bad: If you sweat at all you can't hold on. Barends and the worst. The vans pattern looks cool but it will twist out of shape and stretch after one ride.

    Overall Review:

    If you were putting them on a bike your were never going to ride and just wanted the vans pattern it would be fine but you are going to ride do not ever buy these grips. The only reason I still have the grips is that I'm stingy and want my money's worth. I will never buy these grips again and was disappointed because my cult tyres were so good.

    “OK ill never use them again”

    The Good: great, large thick grips that don't strech

    The Bad: get the slightest bit of liquid on them and you're not wearing gloves and they are so fucking slippery

    Overall Review:

    not bad, averageprice for grips great length but slippery for me :/

    “Strech out”

    The Good: Sticky, tight fitting.

    The Bad: It took only 2 days of them sitting without being rode and they streched out it took at least 20 minutes each grip to put it on but under the first minute of riding them the grip slid all the way down my bars which offset my balance and my bike polevaulted me, I may have just had a manufacturing problem but i wouldnt recomend them or buy another pair.

    Overall Review:

    a few of my friends ride these also and say they streched out pretty quick but none of them have had problems with slipping, not the type of grips im going to decide to ride but they arent bad from what people have told me

    “the best grips i have ever had on my bike”

    The Good: they are the grippiest grips ive had and the dont wear out

    The Bad: i have a tear in mine from loosing a barend for a day

    Overall Review:

    i love them and am definately buying these for forever

    “Solid Grips”

    The Good: Soft and Comfortable grips

    The Bad: They rip really fast

    Overall Review:

    I had these on my bike for like 2 weeks and then they ripped. Besides them ripping, they are overall a pretty good grip.

    “Cult Vans Grips”

    The Good: Waffle grip, comfy, long, last forever, grips bars really tight

    The Bad: Bar ends, hard to put on

    Overall Review:

    these grips are the shit. way better than odi supersofts or anything like that. the only complaint i have is that theyre a bitch to put on bars, but its soooo worth it.

    “VANS YO.....”

    The Good: Feel pretty damn good. soft. long.

    The Bad: For some reason, mine were all sticky. i had thick grips, and these were thick. but that's prefference. got all slippery when you sweat.

    Overall Review:

    They were pretty grippy and were pretty good. never ripped on me and i tend to rip grips. small tears but no rips. very long, and i love long grips.




    Miscellaneous after wearing vans for most of our lives, we wanted to see if the vans waffle pattern would work as well with our hands as it has with our feet. the grip was designed by cult and sent to odi for production. using their proprietary rubber compound, we have created a grip that we hope will become as much of a classic as a pair of vans. available in black, gum, orange, and white
    Price $10.99
    More Info Cult website