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Cult VANS Grips

Average User Rating: (Excellent)
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    “Cult Vans Grips”

    The Good: Waffle grip, comfy, long, last forever, grips bars really tight

    The Bad: Bar ends, hard to put on

    Overall Review:

    these grips are the shit. way better than odi supersofts or anything like that. the only complaint i have is that theyre a bitch to put on bars, but its soooo worth it.

    “VANS YO.....”

    The Good: Feel pretty damn good. soft. long.

    The Bad: For some reason, mine were all sticky. i had thick grips, and these were thick. but that's prefference. got all slippery when you sweat.

    Overall Review:

    They were pretty grippy and were pretty good. never ripped on me and i tend to rip grips. small tears but no rips. very long, and i love long grips.

    “Cult Vans Grips”

    The Good: They grip really good. Don't hurt my hands. Comfortable. And sticky after a while.

    The Bad: Leave stuff on my hands. Bar Ends are cheap.

    Overall Review:

    Amazing grips nothing is wrong with them. Buy new Bar Ends

    “SOme of the best grips out there”

    The Good: there so grippy that they feel sticky when you ride them,there whicked comfortable, good colors, they dont giver blisters

    The Bad: the bar ends could be better, but you could just get different bar ends so nothing

    Overall Review:

    I got these from a friend and there still amazing , i ride odyessey par ends instead of the cult bar ends, these are really good, id recommend them to anybody who needs new grips, if you were thinking about getting these, dnt think twice, get them

    “pretty beast”

    The Good: Well they are soft after awhile. They look sick and their grippy and made by odi

    The Bad: When you first out them on their hard and when you sweat they are slippery

    Overall Review: I've had mine for about a week and they are now breaking in. Their soft and grippy but my hands sweat alot amd these suck with sweat. They are really stretchy which is good. I've noticed that where the waffle grip is the closest its softer . I have them so the the vans/cult end is by tthe barend and it's so sick to ride . I recommend to anyone who wants to try them.

    “These are freaking awesome”

    The Good: super grippy and soft

    The Bad: Take a week to break in and during that time they dont grip at all

    Overall Review: i got these grips about a month ago and they have been amazing they wont wear down at all but they are super soft and amazing buy some

    “best grips ever”

    The Good: comfy, easy to break in, grippy

    The Bad: if your hands sweat they slip

    Overall Review: ive had duo homans, animal edwins, fit techs,and these are by far the best




    Miscellaneous after wearing vans for most of our lives, we wanted to see if the vans waffle pattern would work as well with our hands as it has with our feet. the grip was designed by cult and sent to odi for production. using their proprietary rubber compound, we have created a grip that we hope will become as much of a classic as a pair of vans. available in black, gum, orange, and white
    Price $10.99
    More Info Cult website