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Cult VANS Grips

Average User Rating: (Excellent)
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    “Awesome Grips”

    The Good: -Really soft -Really grippy -Quite long -Don't hurt your hands -Don't take long to break in -Feel great

    The Bad: -Bar ends are meh -Not the best with sweat

    Overall Review: I went from ODI Longnecks to these, and I like these better. The Longnecks took forever to break in and hurt my hands. These grips broke in in a few days, and are really soft, so they don't hurt. I would definitely recommend them.

    “Sweet grips.”

    The Good: They dont slip no matter what, super grippy, love the "chunky" feel

    The Bad: They gave me some decent blisters but idk most other people say otherwise

    Overall Review: Get these. They are awesome and i definitely plan on getting them.

    “sweet set of grips BUT...”

    The Good: they last as long as the odis and look good

    The Bad: i dont know if anybody else has this problem but when the hands get sweaty you hands slip on the grips not a major problem

    Overall Review: good grips and last awhile

    “said "pfffft", then said "oh these are actually sweet"”

    The Good: stretch nicely, super durable, grippy as all fuck when they break in, gum ones look sick/.

    The Bad: bar ends = horrible, get some pc animal ones

    Overall Review: hyped-up collabs are usually gimmicky, but these are legit. gum ones are awesome. i have a couple pairs and plan on getting more. highly recommend.

    “best grips on the market”

    The Good: they last forever, super soft, dont slip when your hands get sweaty, and they dont give you blisters like some other grips (odi's).

    The Bad: nothing; amazing grips

    Overall Review: everyone should get these grips.

    “i love waffles”

    The Good: these were the best grips i have ever had and they wear in nice

    The Bad: they take a while to wear in but when they do, they are nice

    Overall Review: i havnt really ripped them and i ride everyday ( ive had them for 5 months) and i ride hard. they grip nice and dont slip when wet. love them

    “waffle sole shred”

    The Good: super grippy, soft, has a great feel

    The Bad: white color gets super dirty and the bar ends are shit

    Overall Review: if your lookin for a really comftorable grip thats gona last a while then get these grips but otherwise odi longnecks all the way

    “Cult Vans Grips”

    The Good: Soft, goodlookin, last long

    The Bad: bar plugs, and the white color gets soooooo dirty

    Overall Review: besides the bar plugs and how dirty they get theyre good! get them




    Miscellaneous after wearing vans for most of our lives, we wanted to see if the vans waffle pattern would work as well with our hands as it has with our feet. the grip was designed by cult and sent to odi for production. using their proprietary rubber compound, we have created a grip that we hope will become as much of a classic as a pair of vans. available in black, gum, orange, and white
    Price $10.99
    More Info Cult website