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DK Tsuka Grips

Average User Rating: (Excellent)
DK Tsuka  Grips dk_tsuka_grips_white1
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    “alright grips”

    The Good: soft, last long,comfy

    The Bad: nothing really, the bar ends that came with them sucked

    Overall Review:

    these grips came on my 2011 dk helio and they were whicked good, they lasted me about a year and a half, I didnt really ride alot then and maybe thats why they lasted so long, but I think they were pretty good.

    “Dk Tsuka Grips.”

    The Good: They are awesome, they are soft, dont get slippery, and dont wear too fast.

    The Bad: Nothing really

    Overall Review: these grips are really good! I would highly reccomend them to anybody.

    “best in the world”

    The Good: every fuckin thing about em. people say the threads wear out fast but imo they dont. i have a very tight grip and it took the black ones 2 months of riden a couple hours a day to wear out.(i wore out my united nathan's in a week) also, these grips are grippy as fuck.

    The Bad: not a damn thing. maybe a little bit too slim in diameter? but they last

    Overall Review: the best grips i have ever owned. when dan's restocks on em im buyin like 6 pairs. they lasted me 6 months and i ride 4 hours a day with a very tight grip on the bars. i recommend them to anyone and everyone

    “Pretty damn good.”

    The Good: Nice and soft, I have them in white and I've never ever gotten throttle grip with these.

    The Bad: I have them in white and they do get dirty and gross looking. But that's because I was dumb enough to order white grips.

    Overall Review: I do like them a lot, but will probably switch to Odi's because the swirly pattern feels a little weird. Great grips, but the swirly pattern takes some getting used to. If they start to feel tacky, just clean them with hot soapy water.

    “Pretty sweet.”

    The Good: Orgasmic-ally comfy and soft

    The Bad: Wear out kinda quick

    Overall Review: If your a really hardcore rider, dont get em. They wear out quicker than most grips, but if your not biking all day every day and doing some sweet tricks, these are nice and comfy grips that will last beginner bikers a long time!


    Length 145mm
    Materials Extra soft Kraton rubber
    Colors Black, White, Purple, Team Green


    Price $9.99
    More Info DK website