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DK Vice Grips

Average User Rating: (Good)
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    “Dk Vice Grips”

    The Good: They hold to your bars pretty well,I didn't experience any throttle grip with them. Somewhat durable

    The Bad: Terribly uncomfortable,Would have been better off putting duct tape around my bars They wear in a very weird pattern, Even when they wear in they are still uncomfortable.

    Overall Review: I had a pair of these grips years and years ago,Went to a lame bikeshop a few towns over and bought them before a session.The grips i was using before were super worn out to the point of wearing all the way through.The bike shop had a terrible selection of bmx and only had these in black and some Ati grips in some funky colors so i went with the DKs, As soon as i put them on my hands hurt like hell to the point where it was painful to ride.When i got home i tried the boiling technique to try and soften them up.But that hardly made a difference.I ended up just taking them off a couple weeks later and gave them to a friend who was broke and needed grips and i bought some primo logo grips after that. If you manage to stumble on these do not buy them,Nothing against DK,Alot of their other products are decent but these don't make the cut. 1 out of 5 stars.


    Materials Extra Soft Kraton Rubber
    Colors Black, Blue, Green, Grey, Red, White


    Price $7.99
    More Info DK website